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Biodegradable Waste to be Converted in Green Fertilizer

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Pammal municipality civic workers has taken to generation of green fertilizer at a local warehouse in the locality in an attempt to promote segregation of waste and its proper disposal. The seven fertilizer plants are under construction in the municipality, while one of the fertilizer plants has already initiated the fertilizer generation. Along with Tambaram, Pallavapuram, Anakaputhur and Sembakkam municipalities, Pammal municipality has also initiated an integrated solid waste management system to extract refuse-derived fuel and to produce manure from the collected waste.

Apart from fertilizer generation, the civic workers have also sought a creative way to aware people on waste segregation and made colourful rangolis (Kolam) in various parts of the locality to promote proper waste disposal.

“Even though the civic workers collect waste regularly from the houses, particular areas like Moses Street, eye hospital are usually dumped with waste. Residents dump waste on the roadsides and even after clearing it in the morning hours, residents dump waste on the roadsides, instead of dustbins. We made rangolis on the roadside to prevent people from dumping the waste on the road,” says a civic worker at Pammal municipality.

About 45 tonne of waste collected from 21 wards on everyday basis in the municipality will be used to make fertilizer at seven fertilizer plants in the municipality.

The private contractor involved in collecting waste and its segregation in the municipality, transports the non-biodegradable waste to mitigation management to recycle it for further use, while the biodegradable waste is being sent to the green fertilizer warehouse.

“While the refuse derived fuel is extracted at Vengadamangalam dump yard, green fertilizers will be produced at the seven fertilizer generator plants after treating the biodegradable waste on a daily basis,” said a municipality personnel.


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