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‘Cauvery Calling’ Organizes a Spectacular Mega Jackfruit Festival; Thousands of Farmers Join In!

In order to rejuvenate the Cauvery River, Sadhguru started this movement in 2019 to improve the economy of the farmers with an aim to plant 242 crore trees near the Cauvery basin in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Shivangi Rai
The Mega Jackfruit Festival held on May 28 at Panruti, Tamil Nadu.
The Mega Jackfruit Festival held on May 28 at Panruti, Tamil Nadu.

More than two thousand farmers participated in the Mega Jackfruit Festival held on May 28 at Panruti on behalf of Isha's Cauvery Calling Movement. 

Various pioneering farmers and experts from Tamil Nadu and Kerala participated and gave suggestions on ways to generate a huge income from the jackfruit.  Experts shared the benefits of tree-based agriculture, the qualities of jackfruit as well as methods to value add and market the jackfruit.

The festival was organized at the farm of Thiru Haridas, former Deputy of Agriculture, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, which boasts over 100 varieties of jackfruit. "Jackfruit should be cultivated as much as possible due to the various benefits, including- food and nutrition, economy, and livelihood it offers. I am growing 100 to 150 varieties and because of its uniqueness our jackfruit has earned a Geographical Indications (GI) tag on its own," he added.

Dr Jaganmohan while explaining value addition, machinery, technology, and marketing said, “Usually we use only 35% of the jackfruit from its fruit and the seeds. When we explored how to make use of the remaining 65 percent, we learned that eating jackfruit at the right degree of ripeness can cure cancer, diabetes, thyroid, and various other ailments. Powdered jackfruit added to wheat flour can cure diabetes.

Around 2000 Farmers Attended the Spectacular Mega Jackfruit Festival.
Around 2000 Farmers Attended the Spectacular Mega Jackfruit Festival.

We can make many delicious food items such as Payasam, ice cream, jam, sauce, and jelly to name a few. If the jackfruit is dried and taken as dry fruit, it can be kept for up to 2 years. If it is consumed as a 'vegetarian curry', as a substitute for meat, it will be good for the body and the environment.'

Observing the growing interest of the farmers in cultivating red jackfruit, Dr Karunakaran, an expert from the Indian Horticultural Research Institute said, "Recently, many farmers are coming forward to grow it. Although Almost all types of jackfruits are nutritious, Siddu and Shankara are the two most nutritious varieties of jackfruit."

Dr Karunakaran, an expert from the Indian Horticultural Research Institute, expanded on the 'specialties of red jackfruit' while the pioneer farmer Thiru. Kumaravel revealed ways to earn profit from planting jackfruit along with coconuts. Later, the pioneer farmer Thiru. Thirumalai explained about pepper cultivation and Thiru Josephine Marie from Madurai also shared suggestions on beekeeping.

Thiru Tamilmaran, State Field Coordinator of Save Soil Movement said, "Under the guidance of Sadhguru's Save Soil Movement, we are carrying out tree-based agriculture to increase the organic matter of our soil which is less than 0.6 percent to a minimum level of 3 to 6 percent. Tens of thousands of interested farmers are working with us for this ecological change while multiplying their income. So far, we have taught self-reliant farming methods to 20,000 farmers. Gradually, we would move towards an organic farming system.”

The festival, much to the delight of the participants, featured the products of 'Chakka Kootam' The group that has been marketing products made from Jackfruit in Kerala and has made more than 50 valuable food products out of the fruit.

District Collector Dr. Arun Tamburaj, Thiru 'Maram' Masilamani, Thiru Raman, organic farmer Thiru Abraham from Sivagangai, deputy director of horticulture Thiru. Arun and many other pioneer farmers also participated in this mega jackfruit festival.

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