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Celebrities under Radar: Maharashtra Government to probe into celebrity profiles for tweeting on Farmers’ protest

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Farmers' Protest

Anil Deshmukh, Minister for Home Affairs of the state government, claimed to verify whether celebrities had posted Twitter messages under any tension regarding issues emerging from ongoing farmers protest, namely retired crickets such as Sachin Tendulkar, movie actor Akshay Kumar, and badminton player Saina Nehwal. 

Deshmukh and his congress partner Sachin Sawant claimed that famous people tweeting on the farmers' unrest because of the global pop symbol Rihanna's tweet are doing so due to pressure from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

He said, "On January 26, the scene changed out of nowhere. There were endeavors made to ruin the farmers' unrest. Farmers were conducting a nonviolent protest and now things are gradually coming out of how a plot was being brought forth to insult them."  

"Were all these tweets written threats of any kind? Have they been compelled to do likewise? It would be checked by our intelligence services. Why are Akshay Kumar's and Saina Nehwal's tweets identical? That is going to be checked at. Suniel Shetty's tweet, wherein a BJP leader is labeled, is before us too. Also, the matter will presently be examined," said Anil Deshmukh. 

Deshmukh, who is presently in isolation subsequent to testing positive for Covid-19, entered a video-assemble conference from the medical clinic bed to show up in a meeting arranged by Mumbai Congress chief Sachin Sawant.  

Sawant claimed that numerous Bollywood superstars and known characters, including Indian cricketers, who were tweeting indistinguishable messages on the farmers' unrest are doing as such under the pressure of the BJP government. 

Sawant said the BJP government had recently developed a tense environment. Concerning the farmers' fomentation, the Congress leader said the BJP had behaved in an absolute undemocratic way which has stressed everybody.  

He claimed that, in order to preserve its reputation, the BJP launched a tweet campaign by threatening several established celebrities, responding to a recent tweet from global pop star Rihanna, who had posted on the farmers' unrest. He also added that all these celebrities had been provided a template by the BJP govt. to imitate. 

The very same tweet was made by both Akshay Kumar and Saina Nehwal and we believe that the BJP is behind all of this. Suniel Shetty had already tagged a BJP official, which fully revealed the BJP's position. The party also has a role in the BCCI and therefore certain cricketers have possibly also tweeted in the said ways, Sachin Sawant said. Furthermore, Sachin Sawant said that if these identities are under threat, then perhaps the state needs to give them security. 

Sometime in the past the underworld compressed Bollywood celebrities, said Sachin Sawan adding, "Yet now, the importance of such pressing factors has changed totally in the current occasions. It appears to be that there is tension on the players from the BCCI. There is tension on Bollywood also and this should be addressed too." For inquiry, orders ought to be issued. And, Sachin Sawant said, it needs to be figured out who is clamping down on the individuals. 

BJP chief Ram Kadam quickly returned to the Congress saying the party disregarded the legends, for example, Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. "They ought to apologize and the Maharashtra state government ought to pull out the decision to test these VIPs over their tweets," Ram Kadam said. 

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