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Doorstep Banking Services: Know How Much SBI, HDFC & Other Banks Charge

To make your banking services run more smoothly and securely, banks are allowing its customers, particularly senior citizens, to apply for doorstep banking services, through which they can conduct their essential banking tasks at their doorstep and avoid physically visiting their bank branch.

Ayushi Raina
Doorstep Banking Services
Doorstep Banking Services

Doorstep banking (DSB) is an initiative by the PSB Alliance to provide primary banking services at your doorstep. With the pandemic situation still persisting and a new variant raging across the world, people are trying to remain indoors as much possible to avoid infections.

In such a situation, Banks are allowing their customers, particularly senior citizens, to apply for doorstep banking services to help their financial services operate more efficiently and effectively. You can avail yourself of DSB facilities for any of the 12 listed public sector banks if your account is linked with your phone number. 

A customer can choose from 10 non-financial services, including cheque pick-up, new cheque book request, account statement delivery and pick up of form 15G or 15H pick-up. Customers can use doorstep banking to submit digital life certificates. 

State Bank of India (SBI) doorstep banking charges 

Customers of SBI can request doorstep banking service at the Home Branch. SBI charges a fee of 60+GST each visit for non-financial transactions, and a fee of 100+GST for financial transactions.

The amount of cash withdrawal and deposit for each transaction is limited to ₹20,000 per day. 

Punjab National Bank (PNB) doorstep banking charges 

PNB Doorstep Banking Services will be available to senior citizens over the age of 70 as well as those who are differently abled or infirm. Through its branches, PNB offers doorstep banking to those living within 5-kilometer radius of a bank. The bank charges Rs.100 non-financial + GST* and Rs.100 + GST for financial transactions. 

HDFC Bank doorstep banking charges 

According to the HDFC Bank website, the maximum cash delivery limit per withdrawal will be 25,000, with a minimum amount of Rs.5000 for HDFC Bank Customers. HDFC bank charges 200 + taxes for cash pick-up and delivery. Picking any instrument costs $100 + taxes every visit. 

Kotak Mahindra doorstep Banking Charges 

Kotak Mahindra banking services will be available to Senior citizens over the age of 60 in accordance with the 1995 Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights, and Full Participation) Act. This service is only offered to qualified active SA customers, and it will be given at the customers' registered dwelling address. 

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