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Earn Millions by Starting These Latest and Profitable Businesses; Complete Details Inside

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Tiles Business
Tiles Business

We all want to start our own business. In present time, the demand of tiles and marble is very high in the market. So, why not to start this money making business and earn in millions? Yes! You heard that right. One can make huge money by starting Tiles and Marble Business. But, there are some key points which one should focus on. In this article, we will explain about all the important things required in this business so that there is only profit and NO LOSS…

How to start Tiles Business?

Equipment's required for the Tiles business

Before starting this business, the most important thing to do is get a machine to mix concrete and cement. This machine can be bought from your nearest market or online. The cost of this machine is about Rs 1 lakh. After this, sachets are needed to make tiles and the cost of sachets is around Rs 50,000.

Next comes, the Raw materials which are required to make tiles like Cement, water, concrete etc. You can easily buy all these things from your nearest market. Now hire 5 to 10 people.

The process of making tiles:

First, a correct mixture of concrete, cement and water has to be prepared. Now, when the mixture is ready, you have to pour it into the tiles, and leave it to dry. When the tiles are dry, they can be sold in the market.

Investment required for starting the tiles and marble business:

Talking about the cost incurred in this trade, then combining all the expenses will cost up to around Rs 8 lakh. However, if you do not have such a budget, then you can also take a loan from any bank and start this business. Once, started in the right way it will give you good profits.

How much Profit/benefit can be made from the trade of tiles and marble?

In the beginning, you do not get any special benefit. Remember, this business takes some time to freeze. But, looking at the cost of making a tile, it costs around Rs 20 and one can sell it in the market for Rs 40. So, double the benefit. Selling more quantity of tiles everyday can make you a millionaire.

Places to sell tiles:

For selling tiles, you have to talk to wholesale shopkeepers, or can also sell tiles directly to the customer.

Future of Tiles & Marbles Business:

From customers demand, it can be guessed whether your business is going to run or not. However, the demand of Tiles & Marbles is very good among the customers. They are being used in almost all the houses today. So, it can be called as a profitable business having bright future if done correctly.

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