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Farmers Trained in Latest Techniques of Agriculture in Bhiwani

Experts trained the farmers in cutting-edge techniques for cultivating the wheat crop, with the management of soil health and sustainable agriculture serving as major themes.

Ayushi Sikarwar
Training programme held by Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. in Bhiwani, Haryana

Two farmer training programmes were held by Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd. in the villages of Kheda and Rupana in Siwani, in Bhiwani district of Haryana. More than 370 farmers from the nearby villages participated in the session.

Dr. Pradeep Chahal, an agricultural scientist from the Haryana Agriculture University, and Dr. Raghubir Singh, a block agriculture officer, trained the farmers on cutting-edge methods for growing the wheat crop during the session, while the management of soil health and sustainable agriculture were key topics of this workshop.

In Siwani, 5 villages have been adopted by Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd., a subsidiary of Japan-based Mitsui & Company. In these villages, several projects have been undertaken in the field of sustainable agriculture, soil health, public safety, community health, and children's education.

Under this programme, agricultural growth is given top priority. The company trains farmers in modern agriculture and offers free soil testing facilities in the villages, and the current programme is a component of this strategy.

At the event, farmers who benefited from the Kharif crop also shared their experiences and encouraged other farmers to use the same techniques.

The Sarpanch from each of the adopted villages took part in this session as well. To maximise the yield of the wheat harvest, they recommended the farmers to heed professional guidance.

Both these events were addressed by Mr. Swapnil Singh, Assistant Marketing Manager and Mr. Anuj Kumar, Territory in charge, Hisar of Bharat Certis AgriScience Ltd.

In addition to the training sessions, the organization also provides farmers with field demonstrations of agricultural processes, from seed to harvest.

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