German woman shelters 1500 injured, destitute cows

Photo Credit- Usha Ramesh

In India, cows are considered to be sacred hence people are quite sensitive about them. But the question here is that do people really care for the cows? Do they really see Lord Krishna’s image in them or worship them just to fulfill their needs? Just have a look at your locality you will see a number of cows roaming around in the open, in search of food and water; they don’t even have a place to rest. Yes, there are some people who help these cows by providing them food and water.

Frederick Mina Bruning, a German woman is making a change in our Indian society by taking care of more than 1500 injured and sick cows in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. About 20 years ago in 1978, she came as a tourist in India and today she is running a farm without any profit for the destitute cows in Radhakund.

Photo Credit- Usha Ramesh

Talking to Krishi Jagran, the woman said that about Rs 2 lakh is spent every day on these cows – for the food grains and medicines. In the beginning her family assisted her in this work but now to manage the daily expenses she has kept her foreign property on rent.  The Gaushala (cow shelter) also gets revenue from other places. Moreover an ambulance is always available which brings these needy cows here. There is a group of 80 people who take care of the whole shelter. They take care of cleanliness, fodder and health of these cows. The injured and or sick cows, that require special treatment and care, are kept in a separate sheds. 

This woman indeed is setting an example for all of us by doing something so generous for the destitute cows.

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