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Goat Milk Selling for Rs 500/ltr; Stay Safe from Unscientific Claims of It Curing Dengue

Dimple Gupta
Dimple Gupta
Goat Milk

In Punjab, about 14,500 and over 50 deaths from Dengue fever have been reported, which is the worst ever in the state. This is an all-time high in Punjab.

All kinds of unscientific claims and remedies are being offered to the patients such as – goat milk, papaya leaves, giloy juice and kiwi fruit. All these above examples are being sold as a magic remedy to increase the platelet count.

Taking the advantage of the situation, goat farmers and traders are earning rich dividends as goat milk is being sold up to a price of Rs 500 per litre, which was normally being sold for Rs 40 per litre.

Gurjit Singh, a farmer from Burj Hari village in Mansa told – “in normal days, the goat milk sells for around Rs 50 per litre but these days; people are willingly paying Rs 250 for the same quantity.

Charan Singh, a farmer from Sondhewal village in Patiala said “the demand was huge and they were getting minimum Rs 100 per litre”.

A businessman from Mohali, Varun Sharma, launched his own brand of packaged goat milk called ‘Bakriwala’, of which a 300 ml bottle is available for Rs 150. He said “I had launched the product around two months back as a healthy milk option. Now the demand has grown 50 times with what we had started. But our intention was not to sell it as a remedy to fever as goat milk is not scientifically proven to help in dengue cure.

Dr Ranvir Sharma, Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry, said “science did not support the claim that goat milk could be helpful in dengue”.

There is no scientific proof to back the idea that goat milk can increase platelets in patients suffering from dengue and other viral diseases. Such misconceptions are spread by quakes. People with dengue-like symptoms should consult qualified doctors and follow the prescribed course of medicines. Protection from mosquito bites will help”, said A K Singh, Additional Director (Health).

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