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Good News for Farmers: Government is Offering Subsidy of up to 75% to Promote Solar Energy

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Solar Energy

We must focus on new and advanced technologies for the growth and development of agriculture sector. The main problem that farmers face is during the irrigation time. Due to improper rainfall and lack of money they are not able to farming efficiently.

Even now, our society has a large number of farmers whose income is equal to or less than the government's set standards. In such a scenario, their expenditures continue to put them in jeopardy. 

Taking this issue seriously, the government has presented numerous solutions to farmers, with the assistance of which farmers can simply irrigate their fields. Let us tell you that in today's time when the shortage and prices of coal, petrol and diesel have started touching the sky, people are opting for solar energy.

People are also using electricity by installing solar panels in their houses. As a result, not only do they have access to low-cost power, but it has also become a source of income for many individuals.

Farmers in Haryana are being granted a subsidy of up to 75% on solar energy tubewells by the New and Renewable Energy Department. The government has placed solar pumps in the fields of over 4,000 farmers in the district. 

Additional Deputy Commissioner, Hisar Swapnil Ravindra Patil informed that every year applications are received from the farmers for taking solar connections by the department. , 5 HP DC, 7.5 HP DC and 10 HP DC Surface (Monoblock). Let us inform that under the scheme, solar pumps are being installed in the state with 75 percent subsidy. Under this scheme, the Government of India is providing 30 percent central financial assistance and the state government is providing 45 percent subsidy. 

Solar Water Pumps: 

Solar water pumps are used to lift water and are powered by electricity generated by solar panels. These systems are especially beneficial for fountain pumps, pool pumps, and circulation pumps in ponds, delivering animal water, irrigation pumps, residential pumps, horticulture farms, and other similar uses. This technique is particularly beneficial in areas where there is no government electricity.  

There are two types of solar water pumps available at the best prices: submersible solar pumps and surface solar water pumps. Although there are many kinds of solar pumps but submersible solar pumps and surface solar pumps are the best! Solar pumps are available in both DC and AC configurations.

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