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How to Earn Money By Renting Your Space for SBI ATM

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
You can earn monthly by renting your space to SBI ATM

If you have an empty space which is currently not being used, you can earn just by renting it for SBI ATM. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about renting your shop/ space for SBI ATM.

Why Is SBI Renting Spaces for ATMs?

State Bank of India (SBI) has now opened ATMs in every part of the country. ATMs are not limited to banks anymore, they are present in every nook and corner. The bank is renting private spaces for opening new ATMs every day. You can also rent your land to SBI for ATM and earn really well.

How to Rent your shop for an ATM?

If you want to rent your land for an ATM, you will first need to contact your bank. You will have to submit an application for renting your land for an ATM in the RBO near your region. You can find your region’s RBO at https://bank.sbi/portal/web/home/branch-locator and also obtain it from the nearest SBI branch.

Next, ensure that you have a land which is enough for installing an ATM. This can be a store which can easily fit an ATM. However, the store needs to be bigger than an average ATM.

If you don't want to do this by directly contacting your bank, you can choose to rent your land for an ATM by contacting a number of agencies.

These include Muthoot ATM, India One ATM, et cetera.

How Do You Earn by Renting Your Land for an ATM?

There are two ways in which people earn by renting their land for an ATM: either by getting a monthly rent or by getting paid according to the number of transactions done in that ATM. The monthly rent depends upon the location and size of the property you are renting.

Farmers can also benefit by renting their space for ATM as a side occupation. 

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