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IIT Kanpur and AVPL International Partner to Propel Advanced Technology Drones

AVPL International and IIT Kanpur join forces in a strategic partnership to develop cutting-edge drones for transforming global agriculture, addressing key challenges faced by large-scale landholders.

KJ Staff
IIT Kanpur and AVPL International Partner to Propel Advanced Technology Drones
IIT Kanpur and AVPL International Partner to Propel Advanced Technology Drones

AVPL International has joined forces with the IIT Kanpur, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of drone technology to transform global agriculture. This partnership, solidified by the MoU, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards agricultural transformation and aims to produce cutting-edge drones equipped with advanced technology, designed to address the challenges faced by large-scale landholders in India, Australia, Austria, and multiple European nations. Leveraging the expertise of the laboratory at IIT Kanpur's Department of Electrical Engineering, these drones will broaden the horizons of drone applications in agriculture and beyond.

The MoU underscores the shared vision of IIT Kanpur and AVPL International to harness drone technology for agricultural applications, addressing key issues such as seed broadcasting and agrochemical spraying. Key stakeholders including Prof. Amrendra K Singh, Prof. Tarun Gupta, Prof. Ketan Rajawat from IIT Kanpur, along with Preet Sandhuu, Founder and Chairman, and Himanshu Sharma, CEO of AVPL International, were present at the signing ceremony, with Dr. Piyashee Mallik and Reema Mittal serving as witnesses.

“Leveraging the extensive heritage of pioneering research at IIT Kanpur, we are set to develop drone solutions that not only fulfil but surpass the advancing demands of agriculture globally. Our shared vision encompasses not just the development of cutting-edge technology, but its seamless integration into the fabric of agricultural practices, enriching efficiency, sustainability, and global agricultural outcomes. Excited to embark on this pioneering advancement that will transform agriculture practices.,” stated Preet Sandhuu, Founder and Chairman of AVPL International.

AVPL International will also be allocated a dedicated space within Techno Park, IIT Kanpur, creating an environment favourable to innovation and collaboration. Prof. Amrendra K. Singh, Professor-in-charge of Technopark at IIT Kanpur, emphasized, “This partnership is of strategic importance in addressing agricultural challenges, delivering the diverse benefits of drones as cost-efficient and versatile tools to the global agricultural industry.”

Himanshu Sharma, CEO of AVPL International, emphasized the symbiotic relationship between AVPL's manufacturing prowess and IIT Kanpur's advanced drone technology, expressing confidence in the collaboration's ability to yield drones of unparalleled quality tailored specifically for the intricate demands of agricultural tasks.

He articulated his vision of these drones not only meeting but surpassing industry standards, ultimately enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability on a global scale.

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