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Kerala Man devises an Innovative Tender Coconut Peeler and Wins Rs. 25 Lakh

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
KC Sijoy of Kerala with his tender coconut peeling machine
KC Sijoy of Kerala with his tender coconut peeling machine

KC Sijoy of Kerala bags Rs. 25 lakhs for his innovative device that peels tender coconut easily. Sijoy is the founder of Koocos Industries in Thrissur, Kerala. It took Sijoy 10 years to devise this machine, which takes just 40 seconds to peel one tender coconut.

It all started a decade back when Sijoy observed street coconut vendors struggling manually to peel the tender coconuts. They put their hands at risk and their traditional device was also not attractive. This made Sijoy work on a mechanical solution to peel tender coconuts quickly, easily, and one that attracts attention.

He came up with a machine, which he devised using his knowledge through the technical course he had done at NTTF and through the experience he gained while working in Saudi Arabia.

Sijoy’s wonderful machine features 100mm blades that can peel off the complete outer covering of the coconut within 40 seconds. The machine can also slice the semi-hard coconut covering into 1mm pieces that can then be used as cattle feed.

Sijoy received patent for his machine in 2017.

Kerala Agricultural University’s Agri-preneurship Orientation Programme recognized Sijoy’s efforts and selected his Koocos Industries as one of the top 3 startups. At the same time, the central government awarded Sijoy Rs. 25 lakhs for his innovative development.

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