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Netizens Are Split Over a YouTuber’s Hilarious Take On Bizarre Food Videos

Abhyudaya and Gautami have called out food vloggers for the odd foods they promote in their latest episode, 'The End Of Indian Street Food,' on their YouTube channel Slayy Point.

Chintu Das
Slayy Point
Slayy Point

In response to the abundance of content online about Indian street food, two YouTubers created a video. Abhyudaya and Gautami have called out food vloggers for the odd foods they promote in their latest episode, 'The End of Indian Street Food,' on their YouTube channel Slayy Point

The duo, who were once responsible for the viral Binod memes movement, provide a sarcastic commentary on a variety of current trends and fads in the video. For example, they criticise the addition of butter and cheese to a variety of cuisines ranging from chai to vada pav, as well as the weird naming of dishes after celebrities, such as the 'Sunny Leone burger.' 

Bloggers are also chastised for using clichéd phrases like 'yeh dekhiye (see this)' or continually asking merchants what ingredients are used, even if it's an ordinary item. 

The video has sparked an online riot of laughter. Take a look at this

In case you're wondering, the YouTubers weren't just mocking the food bloggers; they were also mocking the proprietors of street shops for their viral creations. They've wondered how street vendors come up with such bizarre dishes as the Oreo Pakoda and Fanta Maggi. 

Their amusing commentary has gone viral on the internet. Others praised them for their sense of humour, while others complimented them for finally "saying what we wanted to say." 

About Slayy Point Youtube Channel: 

Slayy Point is a YouTube channel based in India. Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale co-founded this channel. This channel contains a lot of entertaining content. For their YouTube channel, they make humorous videos. They make videos about Millennial-friendly themes including the internet, Bollywood, social media, and other nonsense. The channel now has 5.82 million subscribers. 

The pair started their channel under the name Silly Point with the intention of creating India's first cricket fan channel. At the YouTube FanFest 2019 in India, they hosted the red carpet. 

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