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Start These Top 5 Winter Profitable Business Ideas with Rs 20000 & Earn in Lakhs; Farmers too can try

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Winter Business idea
Winter Business Idea

As the winter is about to begin, we bring for you the opportunity to earn. You can start various businesses in winter and earn a lot of money. In this article, we will inform you about 5 top most profitable winter business ideas. So, don’t get lazier in your blankets and opt for these businesses with less money, fewer employees and make your winter months profitable.

Profitable Winter Business Ideas for you:

1. Woollen & warm cloth business

In winter, each one of us needs woollen and warm clothes. They are a must item in our wardrobes as they provide warmth. So, why not to make it your business? Make good use of this time and start earning money.

Business expenses in Woollen clothes:

You can start a business of woollen and warm clothes at a very low cost from Rs 10000 to 50000. Depending upon the place you choose and quality of raw material.

Estimated profit in woollen business:

It totally depends upon your customers. If they like the quality of clothes that you provide then you can earn in lakhs.

Woollen Business
Woollen Business

2. Room heater business

Room heater is another thing that is used a lot in winter. You can start this business from your own house. If you have a shop, you can start placing products in it too. Remember, you have to buy good quality room heaters.

Investment and profits in Room heater business:

Interestingly, you do not need to spend much money to start this business. You can start at a low cost of Rs 20000 and make profit of up to Rs 30000.

3. Blankets and quilts trade business:

This business gets huge demand in winter. There are many people who make new quilts in the cold season. So, you can make more profit by trading them.

Investment and profits in trade business:

You only need 1 or 2 staff that has the skills to make a quilt. You can start this business from your house, in case you don’t have a shop. You need to get some designed blankets. The business would cost from about Rs 25000 to 30000. You can earn profit up to Rs 30000 in Blankets and quilts trade business.

Blanket Business
Blanket Business

4. Tea and Coffee Business:

Though, tea and coffee is preferred throughout the year. Yet, it is most loved during winters which make its demand high. One can start tea business and earn good profits.

Choose the right place for your shop. Opt for market or any crowded area where people come in large numbers. You can also take place on rent and machinery will also be required.

Investment and profits in tea and coffee business:

The investment will be low around Rs 25000 and you can get profit from Rs 30000 - 35000.

5. Egg Business:

Eggs are preferred more in winter than in the summer. Therefore, people are earning good money by doing eggs business.

Investment and profits in egg business:

Eggs business will require an investment of about Rs 20000 and one can easily make profits of Rs 30000 in a month.

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