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Start this Profitable Business in Just Rs 50,000 & Become a Millionaire in One Year

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Dung Tiles
Dung Tiles

If a person decides to do something, then nothing can stop him. Success comes after a good business idea and then the hard work to achieve it. Dung tiles business is a profitable business idea which one can start. The special thing is that you can start this business easily with the help of destitute cows. The cow dung of these destitute cows will change your luck. The tiles made of cow dung are very beautiful in appearance.

Along with this, it also works like an AC for the room. You can note that the temperature generally increases during the summer days. In such a situation, if the dung tiles are applied, then the temperature of the room is reduced from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. People from both the village and the city can easily start this business.

Business of Dung Tiles- All You Need to Know

What is the business of making dung tiles?

In this business, you have to manufacture tiles according to people. Everyone knows that nowadays people build their houses in new ways, in which many types of tiles are used. You can also provide them by making tiles made of cow dung. This business can give you very good profits, because by applying dung tiles in summer, the temperature reduces from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

The following products can be made from cow dung

  1. Sculptures

  2. Artefacts

  3. Slippers

  4. Mobile cover

  5. You can prepare key rings etc.

Cost of Dung Tiles Business

This business does not require much investment. You just have to rent a factory. If you have your own space, it would be great, because it will save cost. Here you can dry cow dung very well. Apart from this, a machine for making cow dung powder will have to be arranged. In total, it will cost from 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees to start this profitable business.

How to make dung tiles?

In this business, cow dung of Indian breed can be used. First the cow dung is dried for about 2 days. After that sawdust is made through machine. When the cow dung powder is ready, then special types of herbs are added to it. Their paste is prepared, which is kept in different molds and their bricks are prepared. After this, tiles are made according to the order.

dung utensils

Rashtriya Kamadhenu Scheme will help

The Rashtriya Kamdhenu scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will help in this profitable business. Under this scheme, you can start a project to save the breed of indigenous cows and oxen. In this, full help is provided by the government.

Speciality of dung tiles

These tiles are very beneficial for the home. Walking barefoot in summer on the floor made of these tiles provides coolness. With this, we get the temperature according to our body. Not only this, electricity is also saved. Through this, you can enjoy the houses of raw mud like villages in the cities. These tiles purify the air of the house, as well as it is free from pollution. It costs 15 to 20 rupees in a square foot area.

Profit from dung tiles business

You can earn good profits from this business, because people build their houses throughout the year. Due to which the demand for tiles in the market remains. If you do good marketing of your business, then it will make you a millionaire in a year.

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