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Sudha Murty Advocates for Domestic Tourism and Cervical Cancer Vaccination in Rajya Sabha Speech

Sudha Murty calls for government action on cervical cancer vaccination and promotion of India's cultural heritage sites to enhance domestic tourism.

KJ Staff
Sudha Murty Advocates for Domestic Tourism and Cervical Cancer Vaccination in Rajya Sabha Speech (Photo Source: Sansad TV)
Sudha Murty Advocates for Domestic Tourism and Cervical Cancer Vaccination in Rajya Sabha Speech (Photo Source: Sansad TV)

Philanthropist and author Sudha Murty, in her debut speech at the Rajya Sabha, brought attention to important issues facing India, urging proactive government measures to address them effectively. Murty underscored the potential of India's rich cultural heritage by proposing 57 domestic tourist sites for consideration as World Heritage sites.

These include iconic landmarks such as the Bahubali statue in Karnataka, Lingaraja Temple in Odisha, and the historic Shivaji forts in Maharashtra, among others. She expressed concern over the delay in their recognition as World Heritage sites, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to preserve and promote these cultural treasures.

In her address, Murty also highlighted the necessity for improved infrastructure, including better roads and sanitation facilities, to enhance tourist experiences across these sites. She emphasized that enhancing tourism infrastructure not only enriches visitor experiences but also boosts revenue generation within the country.

Murty articulated broader socio-economic concerns, including rising prices, unemployment, and the challenges faced by farmers and women. Urging the central government to prioritize action on these critical issues, she called for comprehensive strategies to alleviate these hardships and foster inclusive growth.

Furthermore, Murty passionately advocated for a government-sponsored vaccination program aimed at combatting cervical cancer among young girls aged 9 to 14. Highlighting the effectiveness of large-scale vaccination drives undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic, she emphasized the preventive benefits of such initiatives, stressing that prevention is indeed better than cure.

Narendra Modi expressed gratitude to Sudha Murty for raising relevant issues during her Rajya Sabha address on Tuesday. Sudha Murty's maiden speech in the Rajya Sabha resonates with a call for action on multiple fronts, from healthcare to cultural preservation and socio-economic development, positioning her as a vocal advocate for positive change in India.

Sudha Murty: Life Dedicated to Social Welfare

Beyond her parliamentary debut, Sudha Murty's lifelong dedication to social welfare through the Infosys Foundation reflects in transformative initiatives such as building homes, establishing libraries, and constructing thousands of toilets across rural India. Recognized with accolades including the Padma Shri, her impact extends through initiatives like the Aarohan Social Innovation Awards, which recognize and fund innovators addressing challenges in healthcare, rural development, and sustainability.

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