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Telangana is Making Progress in All Sectors Including Agriculture: FM Harish Rao

Finance Minister Harish Rao said that in undivided Andhra Pradesh, land under paddy cultivation was below 10 lakh acres due to a lack of irrigation but today, in Telangana, 53 lakh acres are under paddy cultivation.

Eashani Chettri
Telangana Finance Minister said agricultural growth rate of India currently stands at 4 percent
Telangana Finance Minister said agricultural growth rate of India currently stands at 4 percent

Telangana is making progress in places where undivided Andhra Pradesh had not been able to previously, said Finance Minister Harish Rao. “Abundance is evident in all sectors in Andhra Pradesh now. This includes crucial sectors like water, electricity, fishing, agriculture,” the minister told media.

The speech was given during his visit to the Siddipet constituency Assembly on Thursday. The minister participated in all types of events throughout the day. He also noted how Telangana had managed to become a role model and template for development in a variety of different sectors.

The minister also noted how Telangana had increased their food production and was soon growing to become the food bowl of South India. He further went on to discuss how impressive the increase in food production had grown to become.

According to Harish Rao, the agricultural growth rate of India currently stands at 4 percent. “In Telangana, however the rate of agricultural growth stands at a whopping 7.8%. Following the construction of the Kaleshwaram project in Telangana, we have increased the cultivation of sunflowers to around 6,200 acres. The annual harvest of the sunflowers is estimated to be 60 metric tonnes in the district, according to the agriculture department officials.”

The minister also noted that the land under paddy cultivation had increased dramatically in Telangana as opposed to what it was in undivided Andhra Pradesh- when the region had been suffering from a lack of irrigation water. “We have in Telangana, over 53 lakh acres of land under paddy cultivation- which is a huge increase compared to the 10 lakh acres that were previously under cultivation,” he said.

He took pride in noting that the area under cultivation was bigger than Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh; despite the fact that these states are comparatively much larger than Telangana. 

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