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Travel Easy with Kaapiphile, The New Coffee Pill

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee

Coffee Lovers from all over the world are enthralled at the development of a Coffee Pill, which could be carried long distance and used at your convenience at a time when carrying bottles of coffee adds to ones luggage. 

Lakshmi, Elisha Aenorie Kaduthose, Dimpal and Sivanandana Students of  Class XII students of Government Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Ernakulam have developed a Kaapiphile, a capsule which can be used to make filter coffee on-the-go. This capsule is travel friendly, organic easy to store and consume too. Kaapiphile pill is made compressing the filter coffee into a capsule with cassava edible covering.

The covering will protect the coffee from moisture and give it a definite shape besides easy storage. It is easy to store and consume. We just need to drop them in a glass of milk or water. Dissolving within seconds, it is ready to consume almost instantly. The capsule is handy and can be carried in a purse and has a shelf life of three months.  

Its upto the consumers to let us know whether these capsules retain the freshness and flavor notes of coffee. When it comes to drinking beverages like coffee, it actually depends on the tasting notes present in the specific cup. Coffee is such a drink where the consumers preference and judgement is given priority. We shall also wait for a time when we have specific flavour notes available in these capsules also. 

Join with me and Krishi Jagran to celebrate the Success of these Genius kids. 

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