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Weather Update: Heavy Rainfall Expected in Extreme Northern & Southern States; Delhi Records Lowest Temperature since 2003

Tamil Nadu as a state has received an orange alert for Tuesday and red alert for Wednesday from The India Meteorological Department (IMD). Delhi's is currently experiencing a cold wave and had experienced its lowest temperature since 2003 when it dropped to 6.9 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Chintu Das

The cyclonic activities over the southern part of Bay of Bengal has initiated a low-pressure territory in the region. The cyclone could create over southwest Bay of Bengal and move in the west-northwest direction to move towards Tamil Nadu on Tuesday and influence southern India from Tuesday till Thursday. Affected by the cyclonic framework will result in extreme downpour and rainstorm over South India from Monday. 

Many isolated areas from Tamil Nadu are expected to receive extreme rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tamil Nadu as a state has received an orange alert for Tuesday and red alert for Wednesday from The India Meteorological Department (IMD). Along with Tamil Nadu, isolated areas of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh will also receive extreme rainfall between Tuesday and Thursday. 

Western Himalayan Region covering Jammu & Kashmir & Ladakh region will get widespread heavy rain/snow and thunderstorm due to the western weather disturbance. The region will be under this extreme weather conditions between Sunday till Thursday. 

Other places in the country will likely enjoy dry weather over the next five days. North India's maximum temperature will be slightly cooler than average or near average, whereas South India will experience a marginally warmer climate in the coming days. Air quality index for central, eastern and western India ranges between poor and very poor. 

Delhi's is currently experiencing a cold wave and had experienced its lowest temperature since 2003 when it dropped to 6.9 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Earlier on Friday, the temperature dropped to 7.5 degree Celsius.  

"The Safdarjung Observatory, which gives out weather data for the city, recorded a least temperature of 6.9 degrees Celsius. It is Delhi's lowest temperature in the month since November 2003, when the city recorded 6.1 degrees Celsius," said Kuldeep Srivastava, head of the IMD's regional forecasting centre.  

Delhi in the past year recorded its lowest minimum temperature of 11.5 degrees Celsius, in the year 2018, it was 10.5 degrees Celsius and in 2017, it was 7.6 degrees Celsius. All temperatures are in the month of November. 

However, the minimum temperature will ascend by a few degrees Celsius in the next four to five days affected by a new Western Disturbance. For this month, minimum temperature has stayed 2 to 3 degrees Celsius underneath the normal conditions, according to IMD officials. The outgoing infrared radiation is trapped by the clouds and transmit it back descending, warming the ground. 

In the month of October, Delhi experienced the coldest temperature since the last 58 years. The mean least temperature in October this year was 17.2 degrees Celsius, the most minimal since 1962, when it was 16.9 degrees Celsius. 

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