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World Homeopathy Day: 7 Surprising Benefits of Homeopathy

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Homeopathic Medicines
Homeopathic Medicines (Pic Credit- The Scientist)

Homeopathy is regarded as one of the best philosophy in the field of medicine. Unlike Allopathy, Homeopathy focuses on the entire human body, it believes that every body part is linked to the other and treating one part of body involves treatment of the whole.

A good homeopath will always ask all your details, including your response to an emotional situation, food choices and other health issues before making a prescription. Also the prescribed medicines have very small dosage of the disease causing element, the basic belief being that the small but regular doses of the disease causing elements will negate the disease over a period of time.

 However, Homeopathy takes comparatively more time in treating the illness but it cures the disease from its roots. Overtime, Homeopathy can help alleviate both physiological and psychological diseases.

Benefits of Homeopathy:

1. Reduces Anxiety & Depression:

Conventional Medicines prescribed for mental healthcare always have the tendency to suppress the symptoms and also creating an addiction and psychological dependence for being functional. But Homeopathy understands that the symptoms of any illness are indications that the body is either fighting or adapting to that illness, which means that it does not need medicines to suppress symptoms but assistance in fighting off or adapting to the illness. So it focuses on healing the patient.

2. Treatment of Allergies & Asthma:

Asthma can be developed at any age but is generally found in younger children. It is a chronic disease which results in the inflation of air tracts causing chest pain, breathlessness or shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. Traditional medicine prescribes the long term use and dependency while Homeopathy focuses on the cause behind the development of asthma in every patient and prescribes long term medicines around it.

3. Cures Chronic Diseases:

Repetitive or chronic illnesses dilute a person’s quality of life, while traditional medicine focuses on suppressing the symptoms of the chronic illness. In Homeopathy, medicines are prescribed according to the unique chronic illness root of the patient. Homeopathy also considers person’s past and present health issues to understand the relationship between past traumas and present symptoms.

4. Effective in Weight Loss:

Homeopathy helps people lose weight effectively but unlike weight loss pills which have the same approach to every person, homeopathy takes into account the fat zones in a person’s body, along with their dietary choices, digestive process and emotional stability before providing medicines which can help them lose weight.

5. Strengthen Body Resistance & Immunity:

Approach of Homeopathy in improving the body’s immunity is to identify elements, which when comes in contact with the body in large quantities cause the body to react strongly and display symptoms of distress. A homeopathy practitioner then, prescribes medicines, which release the same elements in trace amounts inside the body at regular interval, allowing the body to build disease fighting antibodies, which then improves the body’s tolerance towards the disease.

6. Treating Epidemic Diseases:

Homeopathy is a safe option to opt for epidemic diseases like viral fever, flu, and chickenpox among others. 

7. Surgery Avoidance & Cost Effective:

Homeopaths also believe that given the correct medicine, homeopathy can help cure appendicitis, tonsils, sinusitis, piles, other benign tumors, kidney stones among other diseases without even sending a patient to the operation theatre. Homeopathy can also play an instrumental role in helping a body heal from operations. That’s why Homeopathy is cost effective, natural and safe.

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