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All you need to know about the Most Expensive Bird ‘Surakav’

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Surakav is a bird worth Rs 25 lakh.  It is known as one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.  If you ask what is the name of one of the most searched birds on Google, the answer will be Surakav.  Its beautiful appearance is the reason why so many people want to know about it.

About Surakav

Surakav is very different from other birds. This beautiful bird of nature is native to North America.  It is popularly known as the 'Colour Changing Bird'.  Its colour seems to change with each passing moment.  That is why it is worth Rs 25 lakh.

Surakav belongs to the family Humming Birds.  This bird is the only North American hummingbird with a red head.  The colour of the feathers changes according to the movement of its head.  Different colours appear on the bird through the movement of the head in a way that amazes the viewer.

Its colour variation is visible when viewed from different angles.  The fact is that the colour of the feathers seems to change.  This is due to the karatin layers on top of the feathers of this bird.  These are shiny and thin.

When sunlight hits these layers, some rays pass through the wings and some are reflected back.  When this process occurs in several layers, some colours appear more intense and others are interrupted.  This makes the bird's feathers change colour in the viewer.  In the absence of sunlight, the bird is brown and gray.

Males are more beautiful than females.  They feed on nectar from flowers.  It is also said to eat small insects.  Another amazing thing about this is that it has the ability to shake the body up to 55 times a second.  Surakav uses this ability to fly in the rain and shake off mud from the body.  It is priced at $ 37,000 in North America.  That is twenty five lakh in Indian currency.

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