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Banana + Black gram as intercrop for additional Income and enhanced Fertility

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Ramu Thampalayagowder planted 4000 suckers of traditional banana varieties per acre . Single banana plant produce 55 leaves on an average per mother plant and 22 leaves on side shoots . So main leaves are sold @ Rs.2.0 ( Mother plant leaves are big ) and side shoot leaves are small that are used for serving tiffin in hotel sold @ Rs.1.50

Big leaves 4000 plants * 55 leaves * Rs.2.0 = Rs.4,40,000
Small leaves 4000 plants * 22 leaves * Rs.1.25 = Rs.1,10,000
Total Earning is Rs.5,50,000 per acre

Again cost of cultivation is less compared to the cultivation for fruits. For leaf production  ,we need to apply more nitrogen and less phosphorus and potasium

Black gram as inter crop is sown in three lines in between rows of banana ..30,000 number of plants are standing in one acre area . This will produce yield of around 300 kgs . At selling price of Rs.200 , it brings Rs.60,000 per acre without any additional expenditure . Also the cultivation of black gram as intercrop in banana produce more nitrogen that will be used by growing banana without impacting growth and yield of either crop .

Since black gram matures in about 60-65 days , it is harvested before banana plants cover the entire land with full shade.

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