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Chocolate Day Special: The Life Changing Story of a Young Chocolatepreneur

Can life be a box of chocolates? You never know what is planned for you next! For Khushi Bhutani, a young entrepreneur from Meerut, making chocolates became the seed of a sweet success story.

Sarbani Bhattacharjee
Cocoa Booth: Dream of a Young Entrepreneur
Cocoa Booth: Dream of a Young Entrepreneur

Life can take unprecedented turns, leaving you grappling with loss and searching for new beginnings.  In 2020, Khushi's world was shaken by the sudden loss of her father during the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. The family was stricken by the sudden loss of a beloved leaving them with a certain emotional and financial void. Khushi wanted to do something that would help her family.

Khushi's sister, Shivi, played a pivotal role in their journey. The idea of making chocolates emerged as a beacon of hope, a way to channel their emotions into something creative and meaningful. While their mother, Seema Bhutani, initially spearheaded the project, Khushi's natural inclination towards the business soon became evident. Together, the mother-daughter duo are the co-founders of Cocoa Booth, with Shivi handling the social media.


The Inception of a Big Dream

With a modest investment of Rs. 3,000, Khushi and Seema began curating delectable treats. Unlike many businesses that compromise on quality, Cocoa Booth prioritizes using the finest ingredients. They source premium chocolates, eschewing compound alternatives, resulting in a taste that truly speaks for itself. This commitment to excellence, coupled with Khushi's unwavering spirit, has helped their business expand exponentially.

Commerce Student by Day, Chocolatier by Night

Khushi's journey is very inspiring. Despite pursuing a degree in commerce, she seamlessly balances her studies with the demands of her business. This dedication to both academics and entrepreneurship is truly inspiring.

Chocolates Made at Cocoa Booth
Chocolates Made at Cocoa Booth

The Hurdles Along the Way

Building a business from the ground up is no easy feat. Khushi candidly acknowledges the initial hurdles she faced – establishing trust with customers, expanding their reach, and working through the complexities of marketing, packaging, and deliveries. She emphasizes greatly the importance of patience and consistency.

A Note to Young Entrepreneurs

Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is a mantra worth holding onto: "It is not about achieving overnight success. Hard work, honesty, and patience are the magic ingredients that will make your business bloom."

Dreams Do Come True

Khushi's dedication has borne delicious fruit. Brownies and chocolates are their runaway best-sellers, captivating taste buds across India. While cakes and cheesecakes currently tantalize Meerut residents only, due to limitations in shelf life and packaging constraints, expansion plans are undoubtedly brewing.

This World Chocolate Day, we are Celebrating Local Businesses: Every Bite Makes a Difference

Khushi's story shows us what it truly means to rise above adversity. As we celebrate World Chocolate Day, let her journey inspire us to support local businesses. Every bite of a Cocoa Booth brownie or a decadent Meerut cheesecake contributes to a young entrepreneur's dream and the heartwarming story of a family finding solace and purpose in the face of loss. This World Chocolate Day pledge to shed light on small businesses and help them thrive.

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