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Centre for Aerospace Research Working on High-Tech Drones to Boost Farmers Income

The Centre for Aerospace Research (CASR) of Anna University is currently working on mapping farmlands to help farmers increase production.

Chintu Das
Drones in Agriculture
Drones in Agriculture

Farmers in Tamil Nadu will likely be able to enhance productivity and reduce pesticide costs by using drones to perform precision farming. Anna University's Centre for Aerospace Research (CASR) is now mapping cropland to assist farmers in increasing yield. The Tamil Nadu Drone Corporation will receive the final project report soon. 

CASR authorities claim that high-tech aerial surveying drones equipped with advanced multispectral sensors are being used to collect data on the basis of crop chlorophyll content. With the use of high-resolution multispectral cameras, real-time footage of the fields could detect infections or other stresses on crops. 

"Using this information, growers can spray pesticides only in the afflicted areas during the early phase, rather than spraying dangerous chemicals throughout the entire field." The mapping will aid farmers in better crop health monitoring, pesticide spraying control, and increased output. "They can save a lot of money on pesticides by using precision farming," said Senthil Kumar, director of CASR. 

He stated that the project is nearing completion, and that they have completed mapping of agricultural varieties in several districts. "We'll submit the project report and conclusions to the Drone Corporation, which will then devise implementation strategies," Senthil explained. 

CASR officials claim that the Centre is funding the use of drones in agriculture and that there are plenty of money available. "We're currently mapping fields with drones outfitted with multispectral sensors. The information gathered will be analysed in our lab before being put into drones for aerial pesticide spraying. "Our goal is to create a drone that can do mapping, data processing, and pesticide spraying all at the same time," Senthil explained. 

Timely Detection and Treatment 

Farmers may now apply pesticides only in the problem areas during the initial phase, rather than spraying dangerous chemicals across the entire field, because drones will detect infestations. 

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