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CM Khandu Promises Compensation to Farmers & Virtually Hands Out Agricultural Machinery

Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Agriculture Minister Tage Taki virtually handed away 44 tractors and 22 power tillers to beneficiary farmers in the Lower Dibang Valley district.

Chintu Das
Aruranachal Pradesh CM, Pema Khandu
Aruranachal Pradesh CM, Pema Khandu

As part of the inauguration ceremony of a 'expo-cum-kisan mela' happening in Roing, Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Agriculture Minister Tage Taki virtually handed away 44 tractors and 22 power tillers to beneficiary farmers in the Lower Dibang Valley district.

The state government introduced two ambitious schemes in September of last year, one in agriculture called Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana and the other in horticulture called Atmanirbhar Bagwani Yojana. The machines were distributed as part of the Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana and the Centre's Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechanization.

The scheme is based on front-end subsidies, with beneficiaries receiving credit from the State Bank of India, the Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank, and the Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Apex Bank, which consists of a 45 percent government subsidy, a 45 percent bank loan, and a 10% beneficiary investment.

Congratulating the recipients, Khandu expressed the hope that the state's farming industry, which has been experiencing extremely slow growth, would be boosted, and that the rural economy, which is built on agriculture, would rise rapidly.

"The state government is dedicated to assisting the farming industry, and I can tell my farmer friends that adequate funds would be allocated in this year's budget to continue with the schemes," Khandu said.

He commended the banks, particularly SBI, for working with the state government to provide credit links to beneficiaries in a timely and simple manner.

"Our partner banks deserve credit for distributing a total of Rs 91 crores to recipients so far, out of a goal of Rs 120 crores." "I hope the same energy and zest will be maintained," he expressed his expectation.

The CM acknowledged that, because this is the first year of the scheme's implementation, there may have been some flaws, but pledged that the department will address them and "ease them out" by next year.

"The state government is working on an ICT-enabled online scheme application system that will allow our future farmers to apply for these schemes from the comfort of their own homes." I urge all farmers to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for all of our schemes online beginning in the next fiscal year. "We're also establishing a call centre to help recipients with any questions or difficulties they may have about the schemes," he said.

In anticipation of a sharp increase in 'farm products' in the future, Khandu said the state government is working on a framework to assure MSP and market access for farmers.

"Our state has a significant army and paramilitary presence. We're in advanced negotiations with them to sell our agricultural produce and provide a minimum selling price and market connections for our farmers," he added.

According to Taki, the state government plans to build organic fertiliser facilities in Ziro and Namsai. "The state government will soon supply organic fertilisers to farmers from these plants, and farmers will no longer have to go to the trouble of finding the right fertiliser at the right price elsewhere," he said.

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