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More Than 100 Arunachal Farmers Received Training On Mushroom Cultivation

More than 100 farmers from various villages in Upper Subansiri district participated in a two-day mushroom cultivation training session.

Chintu Das
Mushroom Cultivation
Mushroom Cultivation

At the Singik Hall here, more than 100 farmers from various villages in Upper Subansiri district participated in a two-day mushroom cultivation training session organised by the district's Bharatiya Janata Party Kisan Morcha.

Tourism Minister Nakap Nalo praised the BJP Kisan Morcha for organising training sessions for the district's thriving farmers. He also advised all of the participating farmers to take use of current mushroom cultivating methods and techniques, as well as other traditional farming activities, to increase revenue and self-sufficiency.

Dr. RC Shekywar, assistant professor of College of Horticulture and Forestry, Pasighat, also attended the training session as the resource person's head.

Mushroom cultivation is one of the most significant agribusinesses in the world. It is also very profitable as it can be started with a low investment and small space. Mushroom cultivation is an up and coming source of alternative income for many agripreneurs in India. The US, China, Italy and the Netherlands are the top producers of mushrooms in the world and Uttar Pradesh, Tripura and Kerala are the top mushroom growing states in India.

In the past few years there has been a huge shift towards commercial mushroom cultivation, as  many working professionals and youngsters alike have gravitated towards mushroom farming as a viable alternative source of income. As a source of income mushroom farming has proven to be quite profitable to the cultivators and agripreneurs. Mushroom farming has seen an increase in the number of first-time agripreneurs starting a commercial mushroom cultivation venture, as well as growing consumer demand.

While the most obvious use of mushrooms is seen in the culinary industry, processed foods, FMCG, and households, mushrooms are also gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus expanding the scope of sales for the people who are cultivating mushrooms on a commercial level. Some mushrooms are fortified with rare minerals and the medicinal qualities of certain mushroom varieties can be sold at high prices. You can check out the full article ‘Scope of Mushroom Cultivation in India’.

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