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Green Energy: Farmers Can Earn Rs 30K per Acre By Leasing Land

Over 30,000 MW of green energy can be produced in AP, which would require about 90,000 acres of land.

Chintu Das
Green Energy
Green Energy

The Andhra Pradesh government has made a decision to explore the production of green energy on a large scale, claiming that farmers can earn Rs 30,000 per acre by leasing their lands for the purpose.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said there is enormous potential for green energy production of over 30,000 MW in the State, which requires roughly 90,000 acres, during his speech at the State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) meeting on Wednesday evening at Tadepalli.

In particular, those in rain-fed areas will gain greatly from green energy projects, he claimed, as they will be able to earn a minimum lease of Rs 30,000 per acre as a stable income. He instructed the officials to examine the projects for which memorandum of understanding have been signed but which have not yet begun operations.

According to discussions held at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos a while back, the SIPB meeting presided over by Reddy approved the establishment of a 3700 MW pumped storage project being done by Adani Green Energy at a cost of Rs 15,376 crore.

It was discussed during the meeting that the Adani Green Energy project will be developed in four phases, with the first phase beginning in 2022–2023 and costing Rs. 1,349 crore, the second phase beginning in 2023–2024 and costing Rs. 6,984 crore, the third phase costing Rs. 5,188 crore, and the final phase costing Rs. 1,855 crore and resulting in the creation of 4,000 jobs overall. Along with this, a few additional projects for producing green energy in the districts of Kadapa, Parvatipuram, and Satya Sai were also approved by the board.

Punctuate World Pvt Ltd's plan to establish a garment manufacturing business in Pulivendula and Kopparthi at a cost of Rs 50 crore with 4,200 jobs was authorised by SIPB. The board also approved the construction of a Rs 150 crore shrimp processing plant owned by Avisa Foods Pvt Ltd in Krishna district's Mellavelli Foodpark. 2,500 jobs will be produced by the project.

With an investment of Rs 126.48 crore and the creation of 300 direct jobs and more than 2,700 indirect jobs, approval was given to build a hotel (VVPL) in Tirupati under the Novotel brand.

In order to produce high-quality goods at reasonable manufacturing costs and to increase employment opportunities, the government decided to convert Kopparthi Electronic Park into a Textile Region Apparel Park. This will result in the development of a Mega Integrated Textile Region and Apparel Parks on 1,200 acres.

The government will continue to supply the parks with electricity, water, and other infrastructural facilities, thus the chief minister has ordered the officials to give priority to establishing a railroad connection to the area.

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