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Green Veggies in Bengaluru Gets Expensive as Heavy Rainfall Damage Crops

Heavy rains led to a sudden spike in green vegetables’ price in the Bengaluru markets. In the wholesale markets of Kalasipalya and KR market, coriander – basic kitchen ingredient jumped from Rs 10-15 last month to Rs 45 at present. Prior to Dussehra, its retail price was Rs 20-25.

Dimple Gupta

Heavy rains led to a sudden spike in green vegetables’ price in the Bengaluru markets. In the wholesale markets of Kalasipalya and KR market, coriander – basic kitchen ingredient jumped from Rs 10-15 last month to Rs 45 at presentPrior to Dussehra, its retail price was Rs 20-25. 

However, “persistent heavy rains in Karnataka’s Southern Interior have caused severe shortage, which has resulted in stimulating the price” – said a trader from KR market. 

Other green leafy vegetables like – spinach (palak), amaranthus (dantu), fenugreek (methi), mint (pudina) and dill leaves (sabakki) have also become costlier due to shortage caused by rains. Some of the above were earlier being sold at a price range of Rs 15-20 and now have risen up to Rs 30-35. 

Kumar, a trader at the Dasanapura APMC (outskirts of Bengaluru) said – “there is no other supply, whatever could be saved from the rains is being supplied to the market”. 

Rainfall in Bengaluru 

Bengaluru has been expected to receive moderate to heavy rainfall and a yellow alert has also been issued for the region. Bengaluru received about 22.6mm of rainfall. Water logging issue was reported in several areas of Palace Road, Jaya Mahal Road, parts of RT Nagar, Indiranagar, KIA and HSR. Moreover, there were reports of trees being uprooted and overflowing manholes in different areas. 

According to India Meteorological Department, a trough between the cyclones over the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal has resulted in heavy October rains. The trough is passing through the North Interior Karnataka and the low pressure developing in the Bay of Bengal has also contributed to this. On 12th October, IMD recorded 1,006mm of rainfall against an annual average of 986.9mm. 

According to Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC), the state receives an annual rainfall of 1,153mm. Pre-monsoon showers, South-west monsoon and the North-east monsoon contribute about 10, 74 and 16 percent to the total annual rainfall respectively. Last year, the state recorded 1,301 mm as the annual rainfall. 

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