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Edayur Chilli and Kuttiattoor Mango Receives GI Tag

Kuttiattoor mango and Edayur chilli get the Geographical Indication tag from the GI Registry at Chennai.

Chintu Das
Kuttiattoor Mango
Kuttiattoor Mango

Following submissions from farmers in their respective locations, the GI Registry in Chennai has awarded the Kuttiattoor mango and Edayur chilli a Geographical Indication tag. The Kerala Agricultural University's Intellectual Property Cell aided in the registration procedure.

Previously in 2019, Tirur Vettila or betel leaf from Kerala also got GI tag. Tirur Vettila is well-known for its considerably high amount of total chlorophyll and protein in fresh leaves, and is produced in Tirur and nearby regions of Malappuram district.

“The GI tag adds recognition to the items and stimulates interest in more people, resulting in increased demand. Farmers of these goods will gain as a result of the increased market pricing. As a result, the farmers' quality of life will improve.”said Prof CR Elsy, former coordinator of the Kerala Agricultural University's IPR Cell, during whose term the applications for both of these products were submitted. 

“The Edayur chilli is distinguished by its low pungency. Edayur chilli fruit is a drooping, single berry with a fairly triangular form and smooth surface. Because of its mild pungency and attractive flavour and taste, the Edayur Mulaku is very excellent with meals. Edayur chilli is mostly used to make fried chilli, which is a wonderful side dish for meals served in every Edayur farmhouse. The chilli may be used to make Mulaka Kondatom (dried chilli that has been soaked in curd for a year) that can be kept for up to a year. It will be given to family, friends, and dignitaries throughout the harvest season”, says the statement of case submitted with the GI Registry in Chennai.

Edayur chilly is grown in Malappuram district's Valanohery and Angadippuram Block Panchayats. Valanchery block has cultivation in seven grama panchayats: Edayur, Kuttippuram, Marakkara, Athavanadu, Kalpakancheri, Irumbiliyam, and Valanchery; Angadippuram block has cultivation in Moorkanad and Kuruva Grama panchayats with an approximate area of 26 hectares; and Angadippuram block has cultivation in Moorkanad and Kuru

The Kuttiattoor mango is a popular and delicious traditional mango cultivar found in Kuttiattoor and the surrounding Gram Panchayats of Kannur district, Kerala, India. In the Kuttiattoor panchayath, this mango has the greatest distribution.

“Every farmhouse, school, public institution, and roadway in Kuttiattoor panchayath has trees of the Kuttiattoor mango variety. The mango trees, which have a great number of mangoes on them, are a visual delight for anybody visiting Kuttiattoor in the months of March, April, and May,” according to the case statement filed with the GI Registry.

Although it is most often known as Kuttiattoor mango, it is also known in Kannur as ‘Nambiar manga,' ‘Kannapuram manga,' ‘Kunjimangalam manga,' and ‘Vadakkumbhagam manga.'

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