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Manathakkali, Kerala's Local Herb Can Cure Liver Cancer, Research Gets US FDA Nod

Anju M U
Anju M U
Manathakkali's leaves can cure liver cancer,

Manathakkali known by its regional name, a local medicinal plant or herb from Kerala, is approved for its medicinal value against liver cancer by US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). Also popularly known as Turkey Berry, Black nightshade or Solanum nigrum, is a plant that grows abundantly in the backyard and house premises as a weed.

The name Manathakkali is derived from Tamil word, where as in Kerala it is known as  Mulakuthakkali, Karinthakkali or chundakka. 

The research conducted by two scientists from Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) has been found that the leaves of this herb have properties that can cure the human liver of the uncontrolled growth of cells. 

The research found that Uttroside B, a compound segregated from the plant’s leaves has the quality to save the human liver from cancer cells. Examining the research paper, FDA has considered the compound as an orphan Drug’ in order to bring out new treatment methods and for recognizing new drugs. 

Apart from its qualities against liver-related ailments, Manthakkali is rich in calcium, iron, riboflavin and Vitamin C. It is best as a remedy to mouth ulcers, constipation, and urinary infections.

The compound from the plant’s leaves, which contain medicinal properties, has already received patented rights by the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea. Manthakkali’s seed and leaves are usually used for making gravies and curries in Kerala. But, it has a less usage in Kerala, whereas the herb is largely cultivating and consuming in the neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu.  

It is found that 8 lakh people are killed annually due to liver cancer and 9 lakh new cases of the malignant disease are reported every year. Thus, the finding is a path breaking to liver- cure methods in modern times. The research paper was also published in a Nature group journal ‘Scientific Reports’. 

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