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Meghalaya Launches Focus+ Scheme for Farmers

Conrad Sangma, the chief minister of Meghalaya, on Thursday unveiled FOCUS+, an extension of his signature initiative FOCUS that will help every household in the state.

Chintu Das
Conrad Sangma, Meghalaya CM
Conrad Sangma, Meghalaya CM

Conrad Sangma, chief minister of Meghalaya, on Thursday unveiled FOCUS+, an extension of his signature initiative FOCUS that will help every household in the state.

Families will have the chance to participate in more activities and advance the development of the agricultural value chain thanks to FOCUS+'s new format.

In accordance with this scheme, Rs. 5,000 as financial assistance will be sent to each household's bank account.

The initiative, which was unveiled during a gathering in Resubelpara, North Garo Hills, is intended to offer assistance to significant numbers of the state's rural residents and work to improve their quality of life.

Meghalaya appears to be on track to achieving its vision of being among the top 10 states in 10 years, a state that is progressing quickly in many areas, including receiving a top rating in the NITI Aayog's Innovation Index, ranking among the best in the startup ecosystem, and receiving international awards and recognition.

"Over the past four and a half years, Meghalaya has made steady development in a number of areas, with our farmers ranking as one of our top priorities. Our farmers' support initiative FOCUS has given farming activities the much-needed drive they required to scale up, and the benefits are clear to all.

According to Sangma, "Initiatives like mission mode projects in Lakadong, Piggery, Milk, Spice, Ginger, Aroma, and others are providing the essential tools to construct a support system for our farmers with interventions from farm to market."

Focus holds a special place in my heart because it supported a significant portion of our farming community! Additionally, FOCUS+ will offer crucial assistance to guarantee that every family in rural Meghalaya has the means to reach their full potential.

"The scheme would give households all around the State cash incentives totaling Rs. 5,000. This is a part of our objective to collectivise all of our farmers and assist them through various interventions, which would ultimately double their income, continued Sangma.

Since its initial debut in March 2021, FOCUS has benefited 2.45 lakh farmers. It was started to increase agri-economic activity by collectivising Producer Groups to produce from farms and other sources.

Households will receive a FOCUS+ card as identification and a cash transfer of Rs. 5,000 as a family benefit under FOCUS+. To receive the benefit, people would need to register with a producer group. This is an additional benefit from the FOCUS scheme worth more than Rs. 5,000 to the producer group account.

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