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Numaligarh Refinery To Generate Ethanol From Bamboo

The firm is attempting to transition away from captive power generation and onto the grid, for which it has entered into a power purchase agreement with a green power producer.

Chintu Das
Ethanol as a Fuel
Ethanol as a Fuel

Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), based in Assam, has partnered with a Finnish corporate to generate ethanol from bamboo, according to a top company official on Tuesday. NRL managing director Bhaskar Jyoti Phukan stated the company has invested considerably in a bio-ethanol facility while speaking virtually at a CII event. 

"We've partnered with a Finnish company to produce ethanol from bamboo. Bamboo will be obtained from farmers, and the factory will serve as a backup source for oil marketing organisations in the northeast that want to mix motor spirit with ethanol ", Phukan explained. 

According to the MD, the company is attempting to transition away from captive power generation and into the grid, for which it has signed a power purchase deal with a green power producer. 

India, he argued, has to move out of the crude price volatility. He claims that because the northeast has lots of water, hydrogen may be created locally and utilised as a green fuel

He stated that it is necessary to monetize underground gas reserves as well as to store carbon dioxide in dead wells and reservoirs. 

Ethanol as a Fuel: An increasing Interest  

Because of its potential environmental and long-term economic benefits over fossil fuels, the use of ethanol as a fuel for internal combustion engines, either alone or in combination with other fuels, has piqued attention. 

Ethanol may be combined with petrol in any proportion up to 100%. (E100). Anhydrous ethanol, or ethanol that does not include water, can be mixed with gasoline in various proportions to reduce petroleum fuel use and pollution. 

About Numaligarh Refinery 

The Numaligarh Refinery, located in Morangi, Golaghat district, Assam, India, is a joint venture between Oil India, which is owned by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India, and Assam Oil, which is owned by the Ministry of Mineral and Petroleum of Assam. 

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