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States Increase Mustard Acreage by 24% as Rabi Planting Begins

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
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Farmers continue to choose oilseeds, particularly rapeseed and mustard, over other crops, as dog crop cultivation progresses at a reasonable rate across the country, with total coverage marginally above last year's levels.

In Rajasthan, the state with the highest mustard production, farmers expanded the area planted with Taramira mustard by 36% to 29.28 lakh hectares, up from 21.51 litres during the same period last year. In Rajasthan, the average crop area is 25.50 litres.

Similarly, mustard acreage in Madhya Pradesh expanded by 69% to 7.78 litres (4.61 liters). Other states that witnessed a rise in mustard acreage were Haryana (5.47 litres (4.95 litres) and Assam, while Uttar Pradesh saw a marginal decrease of 10.21 litres.

Many portions of the nation are still getting good rainfall after the monsoons have helped with sowing. From October 1 to November 10, cumulative rainfall was 29 percent more than typical for the country as a whole. Until November 10, more than 75% of the region received normal to substantial post-monsoon rainfall.

Wheat acreage, the key spring cereal crop, declined 10% to 41.33 litres while the fall crop harvest continued in several regions.

Pulses Trails

On November 12, the planted area in Uttar Pradesh, the greatest producer of wheat, was 6.50 lakh hectares (LH)(5.07LH) while it was 12.28 LH(14.10LH) in Punjab, 14.29 LH(14.99LH) in Madhya Pradesh, and 2.89 LHin Haryana (4.55LH).

Although the total pulse area is lower than last year, the area under the gram in Madhya Pradesh, the largest producing state, is marginally higher at 11.80 LH(11.41LH). Karnataka, with a planting area of 6.85 LH (6.82LH), and Andhra Pradesh, with a planting area of 1.55 LH(1.45LH), are the other states that saw an increase.

Rajasthan had the lowest space at 12.41 LH (13.71LH), followed by Uttar Pradesh at 3.9LH (4.2LH) and Maharashtra at 1.2 LH (1.8 LH). Tamil Nadu's rice cultivation was modest, with an area of 5.82 LH recorded (6.08LH).

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