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Yogi Government  Allocates Nearly Rs. 208 crore to Flood-affected Farmers

Providing immediate relief to farmers in distress due to crop loss during the recent floods, the Uttar Pradesh government has released an amount of over Rs 208 crore in 44 districts. This will benefit around 6.18 lakh farmers of the state.

Ayushi Raina
Yogi Adityanath
Yogi Adityanath

The Uttar Pradesh government has allocated over Rs.208 crore in relief funds to farmers who have suffered crop loss as a result of the recent floods in 44 districts.

Around 6.18 lakh farmers in the state would profit from this. All involved government officials have been asked to ensure that the help reaches the affected farmers as soon as possible. 

Following an assessment of crop losses, the government has disbursed the relief package. Earlier this week, the government distributed Rs.1,59,28,97,496 to about 4,77,581 farmers. A budget of Rs.48,20,57,668 was released on Friday for the distribution of agricultural investment grants to the remaining 1,39,863 farmers identified after the survey. 

Crops in this area were severely damaged by torrential rains and flash floods in September and early October. The compensation amount will be directly transferred to the bank accounts (DBT) of farmers from the district treasury.

The government is offering financial support from the State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF) in the aftermath of the natural calamities. 

The Chief Minister, who has expressed his solidarity with farmers who have lost crops owing to floods, has also directed officials to provide suitable and prompt compensation to the farmers at all costs. 

In flood-affected districts, the damage assessment procedure has been stepped up. Following reports of crop loss in several regions of Uttar Pradesh due to floods and severe rains in September and October, the state government conducted an agricultural damage survey, which is currently ongoing. 

Purvanchal's districts were the most devastated by the floods.

In light of the farmers' challenges, CM Yogi personally visited flood-affected districts and assessed the situation.

Ministers and MLAs were also asked by the chief minister to visit flood-affected districts to assist farmers. 

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