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How To Grow Skin Care Plants At Home

Growing skincare plants at home is the new best thing that not only benefits you but also the environment.

Parvathy Pillai
How To Grow Skin Care Plants At Home (Image Courtesy: Pixabay)
How To Grow Skin Care Plants At Home (Image Courtesy: Pixabay)

Do you feel that your skin lacks the charm that it needs? Well, who does not? We look through a number of social media platforms, and online shopping portals, and even do window shopping with the desire to get the perfect skincare products. 

We look for products that are cost-friendly and can provide the best results. So, why not give a hand on natural skin care products? It is easily accessible, cost-effective, and provides favorable results. Growing them indoors or within your vicinity not only benefits you but also the environment.

Here is a list of basic skin care plants that you can grow at your home

The foremost basic one – Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera acts as a miracle on acne-prone skin. Though it takes time to show good results with consistent use and patience, one definitely sees good results. One does not have to put extra effort to grow this plant.

  • Make sure to plant Aloe Vera in cactus potting soil where excess water can be drained easily. It requires water only in small quantities and no water at all in winter. Water only when the top few centimeters of the pot have dried up.


  • This might sound a bit surprising but yes, even mint is considered as an effective natural skin care product. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and high anti-bacterial properties. It helps in removing dirt from the pores and gives a clear hydrated tone.

  • One can easily obtain a mint seedling from your local nursery. Make sure to plant them in a spacious pot where they can spread evenly without affecting other plants. Water them regularly so that the soil stays moist. Harvest them on a continuous basis to encourage regular growth


  • Cucumbers not only act as a coolant for our stomach but also benefits our skin by reducing swelling, and puffiness, healing sunburn, and hydrating the skin. Cucumbers can be easily grown from seeds.

  • However, it is to be taken into consideration that it requires full sunlight and nutrient-rich well-drained soil. Since it is a climber, it requires the support of thin long stems for better growth. Water them when the soil feels dry as dry conditions make them taste bitter.


  • Hibiscus is rich in alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), which helps increase the skin’s elasticity. It also helps in obtaining glowing and soft skin. So, it not only stimulates hair growth but is also considered a beneficial natural skin care product.

  • In order to grow this plant, you have to start by selecting a 20-inch pot with holes in the bottom. Plant the hibiscus deep enough to cover the root ball and make sure to keep the plant moist at all times. Place the pot in an area where it could receive 6-8 hours of sunlight every day.


  • These are especially suitable for dry skin due to its deep moisturizing properties. Roses also protect the skin from UV rays thus, delaying the appearance of wrinkles on face.

  • Roses are plants that need sunlight. So, make sure to plant your rosebush in areas which receive a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight. It is important to plant them in rich, well-drained soil. Roses should be trimmed to let them prosper.

You need to contribute a little effort to attain good results. It may be time consuming, however the output is worthy enough.

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