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Melon as a Slug Deterrent: Three Quick and Natural Ways to Keep the Pest at Bay

The health advantages of melon are well known, but what if this fruit could also solve your insect problem? If you're pondering how to get rid of slugs, this natural technique which is safe, sustainable, and completely expert-approved might be the answer.

Kritika Madhukar
Melon shells can be used against pests
Melon shells can be used against pests

Slugs can harm a range of plants at any time of year, but new shoots on herbaceous species in the spring are especially vulnerable.  As a result, if you need a rapid solution during the peak of the season, then using melon to prevent slugs may be the answer.

According to the Greenhouse People's specialists, slugs consume everything from stems and leaves to bulbs and flowers, causing a slew of difficulties in the garden.

To Make an Empty Shell, Remove the Fruit

As per The Greenhouse experts, the first step is to cut the melon in halves before examining the primary fruit. You'll end up with melon rind, but you can eat the fruit in the meantime. You should have something that looks like a bowl at the completion of this phase. Make as many as you think you'll need to keep bugs out of the issue region.

Place the Empty Lemon Bowls Around Your Garden

A newspaper article suggests placing your melon bowls around the edge of garden beds before digging some more into the soil for slugs to fall into it. Slugs will be drawn to the sugary melon and will gorge themselves on the fruit shell. The pests will likely eat so much that they will be unable to climb out of the empty bowl. 

Retrieve Your Traps

The Greenhouse gardening experts recommend keeping your traps up overnight until reviewing the results the next morning.

If the trap worked, you can get rid of both the rinds and the slugs at the same time. If you don't like melons, you can use some other fruits that are just as effective in keeping your kitchen garden against pests. Melon, cantaloupe, oranges, and other citrus fruits make excellent slug traps.

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