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Kanthalloor, Kerala's Only Place that Blooms with Apples

Anju M U
Anju M U

Kanthalloor, the only place in Kerala where apple is cultivated commercially and people belonging to the village earns for their living from the fleshy fruits. State government along with Kanthalloor  panchayat administration has given pace to its cultivation with 'a fruit tree plantation project at each home' in the hamlet. 

Apple as it is a temperate fruit crop, grows mainly in high altitudes, has a space in Kanthalloor of  Idukki district as the village sets in a cool climate. Though not so famous tourist spot like Munnar, the hill area lies at the eastern side of Western Ghats has tea plantation, natural farming of oranges, grapes, passion fruits and apples, calls the visitors to its picturesque landscapes. 

As known as Kashmir of Kerala, less touched by commercial tourism, Kanthalloor is situated 180 kms from Ernakulam and 57 kms away from Munnar. The soil and climate in the village unlike other regions of Kerala befit to apple cultivation as the place stands above 1500 ft from sea level. It is why Kanthallore is known to the visitors as Apple basket of Kerala. 

Varieties of apple species such as Royal Delicious, Gyanny Smith, Gyanny Gold and often green apples grow naturally here and blooms to plenty of fruits. The pome fruits grow mainly in  Perumala, Kulachivayal, Keezhanthur and Puthoor in Kanthalloor panchayats.  

The villages are blossomed for apples in January- February and harvested at the months of July or August. Kerala, famous for its scenario, opens its orchards in Kanthalloor to the sight seekers and nature lovers in these seasons. 

The orchards woo tourists to come, roam around the ripening fruits, pluck them and eat fresh fruits. Kanthalloor has approximately five hectares of apple farming and a boost to farm tourism activities. The visitors directly purchase fruits from farmers, gets more prices to the latter than they get it from markets.  

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