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Top 7 Rice Transplanters in India

Rice Transplanter Machine is a specialist transplanter that's used to plant rice seeds in paddy fields. Top 7 of the lot are mentioned in the article.

Chintu Das
Yanmar AP4
Yanmar AP4

Rice Transplanter Machine: It is a machine that is used to plant rice seeds in paddy fields. There are two types of rice transplanters. The first is a walking paddy transplanter, and the second is a riding paddy transplanter. 

Walking Type - A walking type rice transplanter performs the task manually and transplants four lines in one pass. The price of a manual rice transplanter is low, making it an excellent alternative for farmers. 

Riding Type - Riding type is a power-driven system that can transplant six lines in one pass. It saves farmers time and effort when transplanting seedlings compared to manual transplanting. 

India's Top 7 Rice Transplanters: 

Khedut Rice Transplanter (Walking Type): 

Khedut is a walking transplanter with incredible features for wonderful field work. This transplanter has a potential of planting four rows at a time with a row spacing of 300 mm. It features a fuel tank size of 4 litres and an air-cooled petrol engine. It is a fuel-efficient rice transplanter that enables farmers to save a great deal of money. This Khedut business transplanter is reasonably priced and effortlessly fits into a farmer's budget. 

Yanmar VP8DN 

The next one is the Yanmar VP8DN. This one also does an excellent job. It has all of the desirable features that contribute to great output. This transplanter has a powerful 903 cc engine with three water-cooled cylinders and a four-cycle diesel engine. It has a huge fuel tank capacity of 37 litres and rubber-covered two-side lugged puncture-free tyres. The VP8DN has a capacity of planting 8 rows at one go with 300 rows between them. The pricing of this rice transplanter machine in India is far too low for Indian clients. 

Khedut Rice Transplanter (Riding Type) 

We all realize that rice farming is the most difficult of all agricultural practices. Khedut Company designed this riding style powerful transplanter with this remark in mind. It is a fantastic transplanter that saves time and energy for farmers. This Khedut transplanter has an air-cooled diesel engine that can transplant up to 8 rows at once. It also features a 220 mm operating width and a 2600 RPM engine rated RPM. This rice transplanter price in India is ideal for farmers in India. 

Yanmar AP4 

This transplanter has a powerful 171 cc engine with two forward and one reverse speed shifting travel sections. It can transplant up to four rows at one go. This is a 4 row manual rice transplanter with a fuel tank capacity of 4 litres for uninterrupted field operations. It's a fantastic paddy transplanter with practical and economical characteristics that produce great yields in nearly any region. Farmers may readily utilize Yanmar AP4 in any region. Purchasing Yanmar AP4 for rice farming is a lucrative deal for Indian farmers. 

Yanmar VP6D 

It is India 's most renowned and cost-effective paddy transplanter. This Yanmar VP6D transplanter has a lot of great characteristics that help you get a lot of rice out of your field. For great and profitable farm work, the VP6D incorporates automatic leveling adjustment.

It has a powerful 903 cc engine with three water-cooled cylinders and a four-cycle diesel engine. The manufacturer installed a 37-litre petrol tank in the transplanter. The price is set as per Indian farmer standards. 

Yanmar AP6 

For sowing and plantation, it is India's top rice transplanter. This transplanter is powered by a 171 cc engine that spins at 3000 RPM. It's a fuel-efficient paddy transplanter with a fuel tank size of 4 litres. The Yanman AP6 sports a rubber flanged tire for excellent surface traction. With 300 transplanting widths, this Yanmar Rice Transplanter can transplant 6 rows at one go. It's ideal for farmers looking for the best transplanter at a reasonable price. 

Vst Shakti 8 Row Paddy Transplanter 

It has a rated power of 2.94 KW and a 2600 rpm Rated Speed capacity. This transplanter has a seedling pusher and a separate crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism. It can cover between 1300 and 2000 square meters per hour.

For Indian farmers, this is the greatest paddy transplanter. It assists farmers in decreasing work and improving their farm performance. Customers will find this transplanter price to be very reasonable. 

Benefits of Using a Paddy Transplanter 

- It's a simple and quick procedure. 

- Reduces work and ensures that plants are planted on time. 

- Workload and stress are reduced. 

This concludes our discussion on paddy transplanters and their benefits. 

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