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4 Simple Steps for Mindful Eating During Work from Home

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Mindful Eating During Work from Home

The way we eat now has changed due to the epidemic affecting our life. While many of us took advantage of the extra time at home to cook and bake instead of ordering food online — eating cleaner and better as a result — there were also few who had to balance Work from home  and household tasks and didn't have time to simplify their meals.

On the contrary, their eating habits got more disorganized and their lifestyle became more sedentary. Not to mention the physiological reasons for resorting to food when everything seems to be falling apart around you.

In short, many people are having difficulties with their eating habits right now, and in ways that they aren't used to and it might be the reason you've been accumulating those stubborn Corona- kilos. If you're still working from home and finding it difficult to maintain a healthy, thoughtful habit, keep reading because these ideas are for you.

Plan out your day

In the previous year, we have been driven into eating disorders due to a lack of normal comfort zones such as socializing, traveling to work, or spending time outdoors in nature. And of course, the chaos that results from the lack of routine. It is critical for people to stick to a routine, attempting to wake up and sleep at regular intervals. This will give them meaning and put an end to the "pandemic boredom." Diet, exercise, and sleep will all fall into place if there is a system in place.

Desktop Diet

Due to homeschooling and WFH, life revolves around a table and chair for the most of the day, the natural conclusion is meals on the desk. 

Snacking may help keep your energy levels up, but it also helps your body store unnecessary fat in a sedentary environment. A mix of low calorie and high protein snacks or low calorie and high fiber snacks should be consumed. Plan your meals ahead of time and try to eat as many fresh and organic foods as possible.

Eat slowly and deliberately

Diets are not mindful or intuitive eating habits. They're mindsets that demand you trust your instincts and pay attention to your body's hunger and fullness signals. Rethinking food choices and habits, returning to traditional eating methods, and activating your senses by noting colors, aromas, noises, textures, and taste are all part of mindful eating. Work your way up to mindful eating every day, and forgive yourself if you don't succeed. It may take weeks or months to establish a better mind-body connection and improve your relationship with food, so be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

Begin your intuitive journey

Respect hunger by keeping your body biologically nourished with enough energy and carbs. All intentions of moderate, conscientious eating are transient and meaningless once you reach the point of extreme hunger.

1. Don't eat for the wrong reasons: Get in touch with your emotions and don't use food as an excuse to avoid dealing with difficult feelings like anger, worry, or loneliness.

2. Make food peace with yourself: Purchase food that you want to consume. Listen to your hunger pangs; it's fine to indulge every once in a while.

3. Stop when you're full: Pay attention to your body's indications that you're no longer hungry. Keep an eye out for indicators that you're pleasantly full.

4. Don't over-exercise: Listen to your body, don't push yourself too hard when you're tired, and go for a milder exercise. Have a range of workouts at your disposal and choose which ones to do depending on how your body is feeling.

5. Exercise and move for pleasure rather than to lose weight or burn calories.

6. Consume nutrient-dense foods: Pay attention to how you feel after eating nutritious, high-quality meals. Examine your physical, mental, and emotional responses.

People believe that working from home makes it simpler to maintain a healthy diet because there are no workplace lunches, less take-out/fast food. Working from home, though, has its own set of difficulties. When your job and life are in the same place, it can be challenging to strike a healthy work-life balance.

To maintain healthy and mindful eating habits while working from home, include these four simple steps discussed above into your daily routine.

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