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Disadvantages of Eating Non-Veg Food: Must Read!

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Non-Veg Food
Non-Veg Food

Whether one should have a vegetarian diet or Non vegetarian diet is a debate that has lasted for centuries. Non- vegetarians are crazy for their non- veg dishes and they don’t see any harm in eating it. But you would be surprised to know why non – vegetarian diet is not as healthy as common belief.

Let us put some light on Disadvantages of consuming Non-vegetarian Food. Every non- vegetarian should read this article to know how these food affects your health in different ways-

Digestive Ailments

Consuming non- vegetarian food gives rise to digestive problems. The protein content in it is quite more than that is required by the body. Non-vegetarian food has higher amount of protein content and makes digestion difficult. Consuming non- vegetarian food may lead to acidity and constipation which in turn might cause other digestion related complications as well.

Expected Life Reduction

According to studies, if you consume non- vegetarian food daily, it may reduce your life span. Vegetarians are expected to live a longer life than the non- vegetarian food lovers.

Health - Related Diseases

In red meat, the cholesterol present may result in accumulation of fats (cholesterol) in the veins and arteries which will cause obstruction in the blood vessels which may result in major health related problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension (increased blood pressure), cardiac arrest, atherosclerosis etc.

Antibiotic Resistance

The method of growing animals in farms is unhygienic. Many drugs such as antibiotics are often administered during the regular maintenance of these farm animals.

These antibiotics might enter the food chain and the body of someone who consumes. This may lead to severe problems related to immunity.

Hormonal Imbalance

Consuming large amount of meat causes ingestion of more cholesterol which may result in steroid hormonal imbalance.

Though bad effects of consumption of meat are not proved with any scientific evidence but many observational studies are happening to find out the harmful effects of consuming meat. Following are the observational studies which only can show the relationship between consuming meat and bad effects but are not scientifically proven.

Red Meat and Cancer

Consuming large amount of red meat results in several cancer types such as prostate, breast, kidney and digestive tract. Among all cancer types, the colon cancer has a strong link with the red meat intake and well processed meat. Yet studies showed that poultry meat consumption reduces the colon cancer risk even when it is cooked up to charring.

Heart diseases

Observational studies show the relationship between meat consumption and heart diseases. According to studies, consuming processed meat products increases risk of heart diseases. Frequently consuming meat may lead to a high-risk factor for heart diseases.

Consumption of meat and obesity

Observational studies linked the intake of red and processed meat and obesity. The key reason for quick weight gain is high calorie and protein content. Yet, some studies showed weight loss in spite of higher intake of meat.

Type II Diabetes

When one daily consumes high amount of red meat, type II diabetes risk increases by 30%. For such people, diabetes may develop within four years. Though, scientifically it is not proven.

India has had a vegetarian culture since ancient times, and the people at that time were in good health and longevity. All types of food have their advantages and disadvantages. Just choose the right diet and stay healthy.

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