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Know how to prepare Ginger milk - A must have drink for the winters

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Ginger Milk
Ginger milk

Ginger holds a steady spot in each kitchen across the country. Broadly utilized in pretty much every conventional food recipe, this root zest has an impactful taste and solid fragrance that adds essence to every dish. It is by and large additionally utilized as a home solution for many non-critical medical problems for ages.

Stacked with many fundamental supplements, ginger may avert cold, influenza, heartburn, gut-related inconveniences, and many more. Additionally, it helps clear bodily fluid, making it ideal to include in your winter diet. "Ginger is known to keep the body warm, particularly during the winters. Henceforth, one should add more ginger to their tea, drinks, nourishments, chutney, and so on as much conceivable. 

While tea dipped with ginger is a mainstream choice during the winters, here's a ginger-based beverage that can be ideal for youngsters and the ones who try not to drink tea. It's called ginger milk. 

How to prepare: 

Ginger-milk is essentially a mix without tea leaves in it. You should simply boil water with ginger in it and some other sound flavors of your choice and drink. This recipe includes jaggery to add some deliciousness to the refreshment. All things considered, you may likewise utilize honey or sugar


- Milk: 1 cup 

- Ginger: 1 teaspoon ginger pieces or grated ginger 

- Black pepper: 1 pinch 

- Jaggery: Powder as per taste 


- Boil the milk along with ginger pieces or grated ginger for 5 minutes. 

- After switching off the flame, add black pepper along with cinnamon. 

- After the mix cools down for around 1 minute, add jaggery powder and mix it well. 

- If you like, add saffron or dry fruits for added flavor as well as texture. 

Bottom Line: 

Prepare and enjoy a chilly morning!! 

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