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#Monsoon 2020: Expert Tips to Stay Fit in This Monsoon

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

The rainy season is well known for bringing the host of viral, fungal and food-borne illnesses that can range from simple cold, cough, and fever to stomach pain, diarrhea, food poisoning and gastroenteritis. This illness can occur from any fresh or processed foods whether consumed at home, restaurants, large catering establishments, schools and institutions.

Consume fresh and cooked food

Some of the famous dietician and sports nutritionist says that one should be careful during monsoon about the kind of food one is taking. He or she should avoid eating uncooked food because some of the uncooked food like fruits and vegetables if cut and left, lose vitamins and catch pathogens. You can have fresh salad but it should be steamed.

#Monsoon 2020: Things to be Avoided

 You should avoid fermented food during monsoon because they cause gastro-intestinal problems. Avoid South Indian food like dhoklas and idlis but Dosas are on safer side.

Grill or Tandoori food

Some of the famous dietician and sports nutritionist said that during monsoons opting for grilled and tandoori dishes is a better idea as they are healthier.

Avoid oily food

As we all know that fried and oily foods are not god for our health so you should avoid oils like mustard, groundnut and sesame because it makes the body vulnerable to infections. You can use dry oils like olive and rice bran oil for cooking during the rainy season.

Consume bitter vegetables

It is advised by experts that one should consume lot of bitter vegetables like karela and herbs like neem, tulsi, methi seeds & haldi. These vegetables and herbs really work as they prevent infection.

Expert Tips to Stay Fit in Monsoon

  • The first and the most important tip to remain fit is that you should eat only well-cooked and hot, homemade food.

  • Intake high amount of raw fruits and vegetables only if you have washed them yourself in running purified water and peeled them yourself.

  • Avoid eating fresh fruits which have been pre-cut or peeled and kept in the open because they lose vitamins and catch pathogens.

  • Avoid drinking ice cold water and have boiled, bottled and purified water.

  • Avoid processed and packed food items like juice, buttermilk, lemon juice, etc. from street vendors.

  • Avoid eating oily, faty and fast food from street vendors.

  • Avoid eating raw seafood.

  • Pasteurised the dairy products properly before consuming it.

  • Be very careful about leafy vegetables before buying it look it doesn't have mud, dirt and worms and take special care with vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, spinach.

  • Meat dishes should not be re-heated.

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