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The Health Benefits of Sandalwood – From Skin Issues to Anxiety Treatment

Sandalwood and its oil are prized in the field of alternative medicine. It’s traditionally used to treat a variety of conditions. Most of its traditional uses haven’t been scientifically tested, but some research suggests sandalwood may help treat certain health problems.

Rishabh Parmar
Sandalwood and its oil
Sandalwood and its oil

East Indian Sandalwood is a medium-sized semi-parasitic tree that can reach a height of thirty-three to sixty-six feet. It is called a supernatural occurrence tree as a result of its huge uses in exchange and customary type of medication in South East Asia.

As it is semi-parasitic in nature it wants to "take" supplements from the foundations of close-by plants by utilizing tube-like structures (altered roots) called haustoria. It is referenced in old sacred writings of India that all aspects of sandalwood are utilized for a few of the other advantages of human beings.

Essential oils of sandalwood have antispasmodic (ease fit of muscles), antibacterial (eliminate microscopic organisms), and antiviral (execute infections) properties.

Sandalwood is utilized in the treatment of aggravation, skin issues, rashes, hack, fever, influenza, hypertension, and anxiety. Basic oils are utilized to improve the working of the liver, heart, and stomach and to reinforce the gums of teeth and muscles.

The fragrant oil from the wood is one of the choicest perfumery materials on the planet and is as of late answered to be profoundly powerful in the therapy of bosom malignancy as well. Seeds of sandalwood moreover yield an inestimable oil which despite the way that doesn't contain any fragrant parts yet is given an unprecedented compound named "XYMNEMIC ACID" which has a gigantic foe of oxidant property which is being utilized in helpful industry world over.

Fragile leaves of sandalwood are rich in polyphenols which have likely adversary of hypertensive properties. Historically, Sandalwood was pronounced as an "Illustrious TREE" by Tipu Sultan in the eighteenth century, and from that point forward it was treated as a state property regardless of where it was developing.

This leads to enormous weight on the common populace of Sandalwood in Karnataka, unlawful felling by notorious Veerappan between the 70s to late 90s further prompted the decrease of sandalwood.

It was not until 2001 when the Government of Karnataka loosened up rules for sandalwood development, the ranchers took intrigue and from that point, forward manors in little scope have begun coming up. Hosachiguru, spearheading in business development of sandalwood since the year 2010.

The organization is engaged with the logical development of Sandalwood in the majority of its homesteads. It intends to be one of the biggest sandalwood cultivators in South India constantly 2025 with a few sections of land of ranches under its administration. 

Sandalwood oil is found in numerous aromas and deodorizers. It's an exemplary aroma from an important tree. Yet, the estimation of sandalwood oil may go past smells.

Sandalwood may offer some medical advantages as well. Sandalwood oil originates from the wood and underlying foundations of the Santalum collection, or the East Indian sandalwood tree. This is one of the most significant trees on the planet. Its items are utilized over the globe. West Indian and African sandalwood oils have likewise been delivered previously, yet they're not, at this point generally accessible.  

Sandalwood and its oil are valued in the field of elective medication. It's customarily used to treat an assortment of conditions. The vast majority of its customary uses haven't been logically tried, yet some examination proposes sandalwood may help treat certain medical issues. 

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