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Crystal Crop Protection Launches a New Fungicide Mentor for Paddy Farmers

Crystal Crop Protection Ltd is a R&D based crop solution company with a wide range of crop protection, seeds and farm mechanization products. The company works closely with Indian farming community to improve farm profitability and sustainability by providing seed to harvest solutions.

Shivam Dwivedi
Paddy is the most important crop not just for farmers but also for food security of Country
Paddy is the most important crop not just for farmers but also for food security of Country

Crystal Crop Protection on Friday launched a new fungicide Mentor for Paddy farmers. The product not only controls the disease (sheath blight), but it also improves the overall health of the paddy crop, resulting in increased yield and higher quality produce.


Mentor has been tested in various State Agri Universities across the country, and over the last five years, more than 1000 demonstrations with farmers have been laid in various paddy growing markets. It has been found to be effective in disease management in paddy, and the product is poised to become a valuable addition to farmers' practices.

"Paddy is the most important crop not just for farmers but also for food security of Country and we are delighted to launch a new R&D based product Mentor, a powerful fungicide for paddy crop. It will be an exclusive offering by Crystal Crop and will make farmers grow more profitable crop by attaining its maximum genetic potential." said C.S Shukla, Senior Vice president (Strategic Marketing), Crystal Crop Protection Limited.

Mentor will ensure that Crystal Crop reaches more farmers in paddy markets in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, West Bengal, Punjab, and Haryana, among other states. The product will be available immediately for the duration of the rabi season.


The product will add to the company's fungicide portfolio, which already includes industry leaders such as Bavistin, Tilt, Blue Copper, and Azotrix.

"We dedicate this new product to Indian farmers which will not just help company gain more market but also ensure more profitability for key stakeholders in paddy value chain. The launch is in line with our commitment to offer innovative crop solutions to farmers." said Ajit Shankhdhar, National Sales Head, Crystal Crop Protection Limited.

Backed by state of art R&D setup, Crystal Crop has a strong future pipeline and in coming financial year, we plan to launch 4-5 new products across crops and segments with an objective to help farmer improve productivity and profitability.


Crystal Crop has recently received an investment of Rs. 300 cr from IFC and Emerging Asia fun, both backed by World Bank which will strengthen company’s position in Indian market by leveraging technology to establishing a robust production framework for green crop solutions. The financing package will support Crystal Crop’s growth plans, enabling it to focus on innovation and strengthening its research and development (R&D) capacity.


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