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Agency Areas in Visakhapatnam Will Soon Turn into Agri Tourism Hotspots

The government intends to develop few locations in the Visakha Agency region as agri-tourism hotspots with flower crops. Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) and Chintapalli Research Centre are supporting the initiative.

Ayushi Raina
Visakhapatnam Agri Tourism Hotspots
Visakhapatnam Agri Tourism Hotspots

The government intends to develop few locations in the Visakha Agency region as agri-tourism hotspots with flower crops. Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) and Chintapalli Research Centre are supporting the initiative. 

Agri-tourism, one of the most rapidly increasing segments of the travel industry, comprises visits to working farms, ranches, and agricultural industries. Agri tourism sites provide a wide range of entertainment, education, leisure, outdoor adventures, shopping, and dining experiences. The government is promoting agri-tourism by integrating tribal farmers in tourist locations such as LammasingiAraku and others. 

The Regional Agricultural Research Center (RARC) in Chintapalli, Visakha tribal area, has now become a research center for organic floriculture, with scientists at the center beginning to produce various flower crops on an experimental basis. The area, with its suitable geographical and climatic conditions, is ideal for their requirements. 

Bharata Lakshmi, the in-charge associate director of research (ADR) of RARS, Chintapalli, informed TOI that they are now farming approximately 33 crops, including gladiolus, also known as 'sword lilly' due to its shape. It is a traditional perennial flowering plant with tall flower spikes. Each spike will cost between Rs.15 to Rs.20. These flowers are used to create bouquets. 

The scientists evaluated five gladiolus varieties at the Chintapalli research center. The crop has three different harvesting periods - 45 days, 50 days and 60 days. 

For all crops, the research center practices organic farming. 

"Eco-tourism might be developed if we can promote agri-tourism on Lambasingi and Araku roadsides where lands have been leveled for tents and other purposes," Bharata Lakshmi stated. Gladiolus, niger, a field crop, China aster, and hyacinth, among others, have already been planted. Lilium and Tuberosa are in the testing stage. 

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