Agri-Tech Startups –a boon for farmers

Owing to inadequate irrigation systems dwindling landholdings, erratic rainfall, rising farm production and management costs, and inadequate access to timely information, credit and markets Indian farmers are suffering a lot.

However, with the advent of the mobile and digital revolution in this country, a slew of technology-based startups have emerged, offering technological solutions to some of the problems afflicting the agriculture sector.

Here is a list of five such start-ups offering farmers unique solutions to overcome some of the fundamental structural issue they face.

 Kamal Kisan:

To reduce the cost of farming for small-scale farmers and their labour requirement, engineer and business graduate Devi Murthy started a company named Kamal Kisan, which develops customised low-cost farm equipment based on their specific needs. The  company has developed vegetable planters, power weeders, sugarcane planters, versatile mulch layers and bed makers, among other equipment.


This Bangalore-based startup has developed a technology-propelled supply chain to reduce the distance between what farmers grow on their land and retailers/merchants looking to buy their product.

The firm got rid of the middlemen and has been able to increase the income of over 2500 farmers, while also reducing crop wastage. At present, NInjacart deals in over 14,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, while reaping of about Rs 4 crore in revenue every month.

FlyBird Innovations:

This Bangalore-based startup has developed sensors, among other products, that are used across farmlands in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to reduce the need for water while growing crops. These sensors allow farmers to observe moisture content levels and consequently spell out their irrigation requirements. These sensors have helped  affected farmers to improve their crop-yield by 15-20% while saving up to 25-30% of water.



Started by two engineers, this startup uses drones and innovative mapping technology to assess farmland. Using the thermal images taken by the drone, the firm develops actionable data which is then used to determine the state of the seeds, soil, cropping pattern, weather, water access, fertiliser use, and the presence of pests.

Triton Foodworks:

This Delhi-based startup is using hydroponics and vertical farming systems to grow residue-free fruits and vegetables without the requirement of soil, thereby revolutionising urban farming.The entire exercise is water-based and steeped in rich nutrients. Across three locations, the startup has established more than 2 lakh square feet of hydroponic farms, producing more than 700 tonnes of fruits and vegetables.




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