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Cyclone Nivar Alert: NDMA Issues Do’s and Don’ts for Public during and after Cyclonic Storm

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

India won't be influenced by the current year's second cyclonic storm, called cyclone Gati in the Arabian Sea, which is relied upon to move in the west direction towards Somalia, cyclone Nivar, forming in the Bay of Bengal, will be making landfall in the seaside areas of Tamil Nadu, Karaikal and Puducherry. As the state governments send out help and measures to check the effect of the storm, here are some significant viewpoints that people in these zones need to remember to face the heavy rainfall in the region. 

The do’s and don’ts as issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) are as follows: 

Measures for safety before the cyclone: 

- Ignore rumours. Stay calm, do not panic. 

- Keep your mobile phones charged to ensure connectivity. 

- Listen to the radio, watch TV, read newspapers for weather updates. 

- Keep your documents and valuables in waterproof containers. 

- Prepare an emergency kit with essential items. 

- Untie animals to ensure their safety. 

Alongside the tips referenced above, make a point to keep a working flashlight with a few extra batteries, tie down items that may fly away with wind like a dustbin, buckets etc., and stock up on bounty non-perishable food that can be utilized in a crisis. 

Measures for safety during the cyclone and after: 

For Indoors: 

  • Switch off electrical mains and gas supply.

  • Keep your doors and windows shut.

  • If your house feels unsafe, leave early before the onset of a cyclone.

  • Listen to the radio.

  • Drink boiled or chlorinated water.

  • Rely only on official warning.

For Outdoors: 

  • Do not enter damaged buildings.
  • Watch out for broken electric poles, wires and other sharp objects.
  • Seek a safe shelter as soon as possible.

Few other measures to take care of post-cyclone as suggested by NDMA are: 

- If you are at a shelter, remain there until informed that you can return home safely. 

- You must get inoculated against diseases immediately. 

- If you have to drive, do it carefully. 

- Clear debris from your premises immediately. 

- Avoid loose, dangling wires from lamp posts. 

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