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Dengue on the Rise in Several States as Monsoon Rains Lashes the Country

Monsoon-borne illnesses have surged in the country. Various states are dwindling due to the dengue outbreak. Dengue prevention is important as it can be fatal.

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There Is A Significant Rise in Dengue Cases                                                                                                                    Source: Pixabay
There Is A Significant Rise in Dengue Cases Source: Pixabay

Dengue is a viral infection that can cause severe flu-like symptoms and may lead to deadly complications. The virus disrupts the vascular system, causing fluid leakage and organ failure.

Heavy Rainfall Creates Breeding Grounds for Mosquitoes:

The heavy monsoon rains provide an ideal breeding ground for Aedes mosquitos, the primary infector. The onset of monsoon in India is followed by water-borne diseases. There is a significant increase in the number of dengue fever cases, with over 55,000 people seeking treatment all over India. Malappuram district has been the worst affected, reporting over 2,000 fever cases.

Dengue on the Rise in Kerala:

Kerala is grappling with a surge in dengue cases as the monsoon season hits the state. With over 1,600 suspected dengue cases reported this month alone, health officials are urging residents to be cautious. The total number of cases in Kerala is 22,959 as of 2024.

What Measures are being Taken?

The Kerala Health Department is urging residents to proactively ensure the prevention of mosquito breeding. This includes eliminating stagnant water sources around homes and communities. Public health officials are calling for increased awareness about dengue symptoms and the importance of seeking medical attention promptly.

Other States Grappling with Dengue:

The rise in dengue cases in Kerala is a stark reminder for other states experiencing monsoon rains. Bangalore Rural MP has declared dengue a "medical emergency" and has called for strict actions. Implementing proactive measures to control mosquito breeding and educating the public about dengue prevention can help mitigate the risk of outbreaks.


Severe symptoms of dengue include liver inflammation, decreased urination, irregular heartbeat, and neurological changes. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease are at a higher risk of complications, particularly those above 40 years old.

If you are facing even a mild fever get yourself checked immediately. Do not take the warning signs lightly. Prevention is always better than cure.

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