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India demands US assistance to Probe 'Sikhs for Justice', Compares Republic Day Violence with Capitol Hill Riot

The government said “blocking of internet service in parts of the National Capital Area was obviously done to minimize additional aggression" and the same has resonated in the US.

Chintu Das
Farmers Protest
Farmers Protest

India demanded US assistance to inspect the Sikhs for Justice; the Khalistani community and their nationalist Referendum 2020 movement. The proposal was submitted to the United States Department of Justice, the foreign ministry said in the background of inquiry into possible ties between Khalistan and the farmers’ protests. A case has been reported by the Delhi Police, alleging an "international" plot behind the savagery during the Republic Day tractor rally. 

Prior, when questioned over the US comments on the progressing farmers’ fights, the ministry of foreign affairs emphasized that it is "imperative to see such remarks completely". Bringing up that "India and the US are both dynamic economy’s", ministry representative Anurag Srivastava commented that the US "has accepted measures taken by Indian government for agricultural change". 

The department, meanwhile, said, "The acts of savagery and destruction at the iconic Red Fort on the recent republic day have elicited similar opinions and responses in India as did the occurrences on the Capitol Hill on the sixth of January and are being tended to according to corresponding local regulations." With regard to the blocking of web connectivity in regions of the National Capital area, the centre said it was "naturally taken to forestall further aggression".

The centres’ comments came a day after its bizarrely sharp reaction after a tweet hailing the farmers’ dissent by pop symbol Rihanna caused a crisis. Many US politicians and big names had additionally tweeted, zeroing in on the fights by lakhs of farmers against the new farm laws at the border line of Delhi for over two months. 

A spokesman quoted from the State Department briefing saying "we acknowledge that harmonious protests are a sign of any flourishing democracy, and note that the Indian Supreme Court has expressed the equivalent. We embolden that any contrasts between the parties be settled through talks" 

"By and large, the United States encourages measures that would enhance the competence of India's business sectors and pull in more noteworthy private area investment," the representative added, in comments seen to show support for the farm laws. 

In a large part of the backlash in India that following the tweet of Rihanna, lawmakers, celebrities and sportspeople claimed India's supremacy couldn't be undermined and the centre had the circumstance close by. 

In its official reaction, the foreign service had accused "personal interests" and recommended that before "hurrying to remark on such matters, we would encourage that the realities be learned, and an appropriate comprehension of the current issues be embraced". 

"The allurement of sentimentalist web-based media hashtags and remarks, particularly when turned to by celebrities and others, is neither exact nor dependable," the foreign ministry had said.  

"Energized efforts focusing on India won't ever succeed," foreign minister S Jaishankar had tweeted.

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