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#Monsoon 2020: Important Pond Management Tips for Fish Farmers

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Rainfall in India is mainly restricted to the monsoon season every summer. Therefore, all variations in the summer monsoon affect farm sector as well as economy of the country. In simple words we can say that monsoon is the lifeblood of India’s agri-dependent economy.

As the monsoon 2020 has already approached, the pond owners need to take extra care about protecting their ponds from any physical damages, so that the fishes do not suffer from this sudden change in water quality.

Pond management generally begin before monsoon.

#Monsoon 2020: Tips for pond owners/fish farmers

Pond Evacuation

It is quite natural that the volume of water will increase in the rainy season and this is why emptying is important. Dig the pond so that the depth increases. If the depth increases then the water holding capacity automatically increases.

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Pond Repair

Many times, excessive rainfall results in erosion of dykes that further causes physical damage to the pond. Thus, it is essential to repair the dykes before the rainy season. Also, make a proper slope as it will help in drainage & also in dealing with excessive water.


Over the course of time, organic matter gets accumulated at the bottom of the pond. This silt reacts with excess water which can hamper the water condition killing good algae & zooplanktons. Thus it is important to remove the silt prior to monsoon.

Provide Oxygen in Water

During monsoon season, fish come to the surface of water in need of oxygen. This happens because of lack of dissolved oxygen. At this time, you must immediately put some fresh water or use an aerator to increase supply of oxygen.

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Check Water Condition

The pH level drops during monsoon or rainy season. Due to this, the surface water becomes more acidic in nature hence it is important to have proper drainage and lots of fresh water.

Inlet and outlet system

If you don’t want the pond to overflow in monsoon season then it is essential to maintain right amount of water. The outlet structures can help in maintaining optimum volume of water in the pond during rainy seasons & allow for complete draining of pond.

Pond outlets help in maintaining optimum water level by preventing the pond water come outside. It also restricts the inflow of rain water. You can build pond outlets by using various materials like bamboo, wood & cement.


To maximize the benefits of pond management, it is important to use right feeds that apart from ensuring healthy fish growth, keep the pond environment clean & conducive for faster growth.

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